Hatch Winter Patrol Glove, Black

Hatch Winter Patrol Glove, Black

Hatch Winter Patrol Glove, Black

Hatch Winter Patrol Glove, Black

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The web sight states that these are cold weather gloves. I ride motor cycles year around in as low as 25 degrees and have yet to be able to find a pare of gloves that can keep my hands warm. Do you think your gloves will be able to keep my hands warm under these conditions. Thank you Tom McMurray


Hello, there really isn't any good way to say as everyone's circulation is different, some people get cold easier than others, etc. These are designed to retain a good degree of dexterity while providing warmth. If you have tried larger bulkier gloves and those didn't work, I don't think these will work for you either. If you need a good amount of dexterity while riding though, these might be worth a shot as they provide a good blend of warmth and dexterity. Thank you