Bianchi 7311 AccuMold Compact Light Pouch, Black

Bianchi 7311 AccuMold Compact Light Pouch, Black

Bianchi 7311 AccuMold Compact Light Pouch, Black

Bianchi 7311 AccuMold Compact Light Pouch, Black

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I have a t5 inova light , i am looking at the bianchi # 4 woul that fit the light light is about 9"


the t5 being 9 inches longe will not allow for the flap to close.

Can you tell me the dimensions (L,W,H) of this product? What I am looking for is a pouch that will hold 2 speed strips each containing five .38 special ammo.

Lulu's buddy

This pouch will not be a good option for that. Try this pager case, EMI-403, from our sister-site


Hello, I have a question. I have a Maglite Mini LED Pro+ light, 6.607" long, .709" barrel diameter, with a 1" head diameter. Will the Bianchi 7311 size 4 holster be the right size for this? Thank You!


I am looking for a holder fir a 6 in flashlight and 1 in a quarter in diameter. I would prefer a leather one due to the work I do the product of the flashlight coast hp7


Looking for a holster for the Strion LED HL such as the Bianchi 7311 with a hidden snap. But am not sure which of these fits it I see it listed in several of the styles.


I am looking for a flashlight holder that will accommodate a light that is 8 inches long and the body of this light is about 1 inch in diameter. What would you recommend? Thank you


Can you please provide the make and model of your light? That would be helpful for making a recommendation.