Blackhawk SERPA Auto Lock Level 2 Holster, Black

Blackhawk SERPA Auto Lock Level 2 Holster, Black

Blackhawk SERPA Auto Lock Level 2 Holster, Black

Blackhawk SERPA Auto Lock Level 2 Holster, Black

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1) Will a Magnum Research, Desert Eagle 1911 C commander model (4.3" barrel, standard 1911 frame with a single stacked magazine) fit in this holster? 2) Can I use this holster on my right side or as a cross draw from my left side? 3) Will there be a problem with my front sight snagging in the holster when drawing (it has a square sight face)? 4) I intend to wear this with a regular type of belt. Do you have any recommendations on the belt width and thickness? 5) Are there magazine holders available that work with this holster & mounting system? 6) Will having a trigger shoe mounted on my gun's trigger present a problem (the shoe at 0.505" is wider than the trigger guard at0.380")? 7) Do you have a recommendation concerning carrying with an un-chambered round vs. cocked & loaded? 8) Do you have any recommendations on videos to help train me in the use of drawing from this pistol? Than You Ray Roseman


this holster will not fit the Desert Eagle correctly i did find that aliengear makes a few that will fit it. i would contat then in regards to the shoe on triger for fitting purposes. chambered or unchambered carry is what ever you are comfortable with but reccomend carring with one chambered. if you ever need to pull it chances are you need it and the extra time it takes to chamber a round may make a difference. this is my opion and in no wa reflects the companies views on carrying. i would look up on youube on draw training and remember practice practice practice. muscle memory makes a difference.

I have a Sig Sawer P226 will it fit


Yes. Fit 4.


Will this work for a Taurus 709 Slim?

Mrs. Justice

I have an springfield 1911 a1 with an ambi-safety on it? will this still fit?


Hello, the ambi-safety will not interfere with the holster. Thank you