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Steck BigEasy Glo Public Safety Lockout Tool Kit, Glows in the Dark



Unlock car doors fast, easy, damage free with the glow-in-the-dark BigEasy Tool Kit.

The BigEasy™ Tool Kit has the tools you need to actuate the door handle, manual lock button, or electric lock button on more than 98% of all cars and trucks—any time of the day or night. The yellow glow-in-the-dark coating allows you to see and maneuver the 56-inch BigEasy™ Tool at night or through tinted windows. It makes unlocking cars quick and surprisingly easy—with no risk of damage to the door or weather stripping, and no danger of airbag activation or disconnected door linkages.
  • Glow in the dark yellow allows you to see the tool at night or through tinted windows
  • Actuate the door handle, manual lock button, or electric lock button on more than 98% of all cars and trucks
  • Kit includes: one BigEasy, one Non-Marring Door Starter Wedge, one Paint Protector, one Lock Knob Lifter, and one EasyWedge Inflatable

This kit also includes tools to help you safely open the car door wide enough to insert and manipulate the BigEasy™:

  • Non-Marring Door Starter Wedge is a smooth, lightweight plastic wedge that lets you gently pry open the car door far enough to and put the BigEasy™ to work.
  • The Paint Protector goes into the door opening first, reducing friction between the car’s rubber weather stripping and the tool, protecting both the car’s finish and the glow-in-the-dark coating on the BigEasy™.
  • The Lock Knob Lifter is a specialized tool designed to grip and lift the vertical lock knobs found on several popular Japanese cars. It’s included in The BigEasy™ Glo Lookout Tool Kit.


Store all of your BigEasy™ tools in style with the Steck Carrying Case

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