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StatGear T3 Tactical Triage & Auto Rescue Tool Knife



Trauma triage will never be the same with this versatile tool! 

You’ve arrived at an accident scene…you’re the first to arrive…you need to make patient access and the only tool you have is the T3 Tactical Triage & Rescue Tool. You’ve got all you need! 
This tool has a built in center punch to break the vehicle window and gain entry. It also boasts a seatbelt cutter to free the patient from the confines of the vehicle. The seatbelt cutter doubles as a clothes cutting device to reveal hidden injuries. Last but not least a super bright LED light to assess the patient’s pupils for potentially life threatening shock or help brighten the view of your patient in poor lighting conditions.
An extremely rugged design makes this tool a long lasting item to carry with you on every call. 
  • Spring loaded center punch
  • 440C stainless steel hook blade
  • ½ serrated 440C stainless steel blade
  • LED light for pupil assessment
  • Stainless steel belt clip
  • Nylon carry case with belt loop
  • Blade length: 3 1/4”
  • Length: 5”
  • Weight: 6.4oz

Blade Closing Instructions:
With the knife edge facing you, there are two pieces of flat steel in the middle of the knife. One goes all the way from the top to the bottom of the handle and the other one on the right is bent towards the right. That bent piece is the liner lock. You use your right thumb to push the right piece (liner lock) towards the straight piece (i.e. push the right piece to the left) and at the same time you carefully close the knife blade (watch your thumb!).

The same type of lock exists for the hook seat belt cutting blade on the back of the knife. You use your thumb to push in the piece of flat steel towards the center of the handle and close the hook blade.    
Window Punch Instructions:
Hold the window punch against the window and push with moderate force. The steel point will shoot out, shatter the glass and then retract automatically.

Caution: This window punch really works! Always wear the proper protective equipment when practicing.

Note: Must be 21 or older to order. Check federal, state and local laws in your area before ordering. Misuse or careless use may cause serious injury. By ordering this item you are certifying that you are an adult and may legally possess it where you reside.


Ratings & Reviews

14 reviews

I love it!


This is even cooler than I expected! It fits perfectly in my hand and is very comfortable to use. Sharp as heck too!

I LOVE this knife!


I recently purchased this knife and am so happy with it. It feels really nice in my hand. Great grip, perfect weight etc. The knife blade is so sweet and the window punch works like a charm! (used in practice but not yet on the job). I have used the seatbelt cutter twice, once on a seatbelt and once to cut clothes off a patient. I highly recommend this versatile tool to all emergency medical professionals!!

Great Rescue Knife


I ordered this knife after I was disappointed with my old rescue knife at an MVA. I was impressed with how solid this knife was. The hook and knife work very well, the light is very useful, and the spring-loaded window punch is nice to have hidden. The entire thing came in a nice sheath too. It is a little big and bulky to carry on your waist, but its fine in turnout gear. It's a great tool to have with you.

Just got it. Good so far


It looks and feels great. I've just tested it on a few things and it's great. I haven't used the window punch on a window yet, but I just tried it on a piece of cardboard to make sure it worked properly. The only problem I have is that when I open the blade the locking piece doesn't always slip into place, so the blade could close even though I've extended it fully. Sometimes it works the first time, sometimes I just have to work at it. I'm going to deal with it for now, but if it gets annoying I may find someone who can make it fit better without making it loose. Which is another thing I like about it is that it feels really solid. I have to give it five stars.

Good knife.


Overall, this is a good rescue tool. The only issues I have with it are that it is very bulky, and the flashlight turns on too easily and has a short battery life. I would find that it would accidently turn on while in my pocket. But other than that, it is a good tool. The knife is sharp, and the window punch and seatbelt cutter both work very well.

Almost perfect!!!


This is a great product to keep on the suspenders of your bunker gear, it fits well in your hand with a non-slip finish, opens with a flick of your thumb,the center punch works flawlessly and the flashlight is great for checking pupil response. The one flaw is not having a guard on the flashlight switch which turns on when you snap closed the carry case. I fixed this by glueing a small rubber 'O' around the switch.

Four Stars for StatGear


I got this bad boy a couple days ago and so far I am liking what I see. The blades on both the knife and the seatbelt cutter are sharp. The blades are easy to flip open and closed. I really love the durable material it is constructed of. The only problem that I have encountered with this knife is that when I turn on the flash light it flickers and then dims itself out. I'm not sure if there is a problem with the batteries or the connections inside the battery chamber, but it doesn't seem to be that big of a deal. Other than that I am happy and enjoying my new knife.

worth the price


flashlight is poorly designed and the battery only lasted a few days. knife if wide for a knife. blade locks are awkward, window punch is too big for the knife. they tried to get as much as possible as fast as possible on the knife. while an admirable attempt, I would much rather a gerber or benchmade, and pay the extra price

Amazing knife


Great knife overall. I actually shaved with it one time very sharp. only downside is its a bit stiff when you get it so to flip out the blade will start to bother your thumb after a while but it is amazing

Amazing Knife/Tool!


Ok, First off, this is a truly well made tool. It has a super sharp blade and a super sharp hook blade for seatbelts, rope etc. I tested it out on both and is sliced through without hesitation. I have used the window punch on an MVA and it shattered the window immediately with little effort. Apparently the manufacturer updated the design and now the light only works while the button is pressed to help save battery. I haven't had any problems with this model. I like the hard sheath that comes with the tool but I just keep the knife in my bunker jacket pocket without it. Overall, it's an excellent investment and I even purchased one for my parents car!

Light issues


Great knife but my light broke, contacted stat gear and they said they'd replace it free of charge. Love using it at work. All features are useful and excellent. Love the knife!

great muli tool


this is a great multi tool. I don't use it often but I keep it in my turnout gear and when I need it, it is very useful. Such as cutting wires and tubes away from a door, and cutting the seatbelt. I mainly use it for MVA's and EMS.

The PERFECT rescue tool


I'm telling you this is exactly what I've been looking for! I've been caryring this for a few months now and it gets tons of respect from my fellow firefighters. I've used every single feature and it's always worked flawlessly.

The Super Tool


First thing I MUST say is that this tool looks heavy but is surprisingly very light. I love how it feels in my hands. I find the deployment of the knife and seatbelt cutter very smooth and they are both extremely sharp! I used the seatbelt cutter my first day carrying this tool to cut the jeans leg off a guy who was mowed down by a car. Worked like a charm and my partner ordered one as soon as the job was finished! Highly recommend this product!