Why doesn't my badge look exactly right?

What you see may not look perfect, but what you get will be. The representation of your designed badge on this web site will be remarkably close to what you will receive. The computer rendition that you preview may have slight variations in size and color for lettering, and slight spacing difference between numbers or letters may be noticeable. Be assured that your finished new badge will be manufactured to meet your expectations as well as ours.

Where are these badges manufactured?

Smith and Warren products are made in the USA.

What is the delivery time for a badge?

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

What is the return policy?

If your badge and/or custom wallet is made exactly as you ordered, then it is NOT returnable. If you receive a custom badge from Smith & Warren and it is not what you specified in your order, please contact us and we will correct your badge or have it re-made 1-610-857-8070 or sales@wpsginc.com

What are the badge finish options?

Badge finish options are determined by the badge type and vendor. The Family Badges for example offer a choice of Nickel or Gold. Other badge types offer up to 6 finishes to choose from. You will be able to select from the available finishes while you are creating your badge. Below is a list, and description, of the possible badge finish solution applied by the electroplating process to the polished base metal of a badge. It is silver in color and has a fair degree of hardness. Nickel plate will sometimes lose some of its luster with age.

Nickel: A traditional silver-tone finish that is applied over a highly polished brass base. Nickel has a high degree of hardness for long wear. It may lose some of its luster with age.

Rhodium: A brilliant silver finish with a blue white cast. This semi-precious metal finish is applied over a bright, nickel-plated base and is tarnish resistant. It will not discolor.

Gold: A rich, 24K gold electroplated finish. A heavy gold deposit over a bright nickel base insures long wear.

Two-Tone*: A combination of silver and gold colors. Badges may have Silver Background with Gold Panels (NG) or Gold Background with Silver Panels (GN). These finishes are available on all badges.

Sil-Ray* & Gol-Ray*: The ultimate silver and gold tone surface finishes. Heavy electroplated layers of Rhodium or 24K Gold are protected with an extremely hard clear coat.

Cote D’or*: The ultimate fine gold finish. An extra heavy, pure 24K gold plate will ensure maximum durability and value.

*Price includes hard enamel lettering and a full color seal.

What are the badge lettering options?

Badge lettering options can include SOFT enamel or HARD enamel. Family Badges are only available with SOFT enamel. Other badges will provide the opportunity to choose the lettering option. Below are descriptions of the two different lettering options.

SOFT: Lettering is filled with a choice of Black, Blue or Red enamel color, leveled and air cured.
HARD: Lettering is filled with enamel, baked to hard finish, and ground until flush with the surface of the badge. Please note that HARD is an additional $10.

What is the warranty on a badge?

All Smith & Warren badges are fully guaranteed against manufacturer defect. Badge finish and attachment are warranted for LIFE. Only Smith & Warren/Everson Ross offers this simple and complete warranty.

What kind of mounting hardware comes with the badge?

There are 4 different badge back options which can be viewed and selected when you build your badge. The options are Pin & Safety Catch, Wallet Clip, Screw & Clutch and Permanent Back (no attachment).

Is it possible to make a custom center seal and what is the cost?

Custom center seals can be made for your department. There is a one time setup charge for the seal. If you purchase 25 or more badges with the seal the setup charge is waived. If you purchase between 5 and 24 badges the setup charge is $200. If you purchase under 5 badges the setup charge is $350. Please contact us if you need assistance with custom seals.

Are price breaks available for large quantity orders?

Yes, price-breaks are available for large quantity orders. Please call 1-610-857-8070, or email us sales@wpsginc.com for pricing.

Do you offer badges for police dogs?

Dog loops can be added to most badges for a fee of $3. The dog loop is attached to the top of the badge and can attach to most dog collars.

How will my badge be shipped?

All Smith & Warren Custom Badges are shipped via UPS, a 100% trackable and insured method, unlike others who ship by U.S. Mail.

For further questions please contact us:

1-610-857-8070 or sales@wpsginc.com