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Shield Solutions Deluxe Vehicle Cleaning Kit



This valuable cleaning package includes a 5 gallon pail of wash concentrate, foam sprayer, telescoping brush, tire finish, detailer, degreaser, glass cleaner and micro-fiber towels.

This unique product is pH neutral and was designed specifically to make washing fire, rescue and EMS apparatus fast and easy. The sheeting action reduces the need for hand drying while leaving an outstanding shine. When used with the hose-end foam sprayer, soap is automatically diluted and applied directly to the vehicle without mixing. Product can also be used as a manual wash or in any pressure washing system. 
  • Dries 95% spot free without towel drying
  • Neutral pH formula, safe for vehicle surfaces
  • Highly concentrated formula is very cost effective
  • Easy to use: Simply Foam, Brush and Rinse
  • Tested Safe on Light Lenses
Kit Includes:
(1) 5 Gallon Pail / Concentrate Vehicle Wash
(1) Hose End Foam Sprayer
(1) Telescoping Vehicle Brush
(1) 32 oz Tire Finish
(1) 32 oz Spray Detailer
(1) 32 oz Spray Degreaser
(1) 32 oz Glass Cleaner
(12) Micro-Fiber Detailing Towels

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