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Safariland Model 6378, ALS Concealment Paddle Holster

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Security Made Simple

This compact, comfortable, lightweight paddle holster is a new concealment version of Safariland’s advanced Automatic Locking System (ALS) duty holsters. It offers the security and accessibility advantages of ALS, but eliminates the SLS Hood and Hood Guard for a slimmer, more concealable profile. The Model 6378 features a new, thinner, injection-molded paddle that's ergonomically designed for a comfortable, body-hugging fit and easy-on, easy-off convenience.

Safariland’s ALS instantly secures your weapon as you re-holster it: Simply click it, and you’re secure. There are no straps, no snaps, no flaps, and, best of all, no fumbling. Just seat your pistol into the holster with one hand. You’ll feel it click into place as it engages the custom-molded ejection port lock, instantly securing your weapon in all directions. Re-holstering is that easy.

Advanced ergonomic design offers an instinctive draw: Because the locking system is completely operable with your thumb, and the straight-up draw motion is immediately familiar, most officers find it easy to adapt to this new holster. As you grasp the pistol, your thumb will naturally fall into position on the release lever. Simply move it slightly to the rear with your thumb and lift the gun straight up and out of the holster in one smooth motion. There’s no rocking the weapon forward or backward; no twisting or other extra motion is required. And because moving the release lever forces your thumb into a natural-shooting position, you don’t even have to readjust your grip. 

  • Advanced Automatic Locking System in an open-top design
  • ALS provides immediate security upon re-holstering
  • Simple, straight-up draw once ALS is deactivated by the thumb is obtained by utilizing a natural shooting grip
  • Thin, comfortable, injection-molded paddle rides close to the body, in a medium- or high-carry position
  • Paddle is user-adjustable for cant angle; it can be worn in any position
  • Genuine Safari-Laminate construction with suede lining provides solid protection for the gun and its finish
  • IDPA approved
Solid protection for your valuable weapon. Unlike a nylon holster which can allow dents and dings to damage the holster, the thermal-molded wraparound Safari-Laminate construction and rugged, heat-laminated finish provide real protection against scrapes, scratches, dents, and heavy impact. Safari-Laminate will not absorb water or sweat; it keeps its shape and secure fit no matter how many times it gets wet. With the adjustable-tensioning device, molded sight track, and soft Safari-Suede lining, you can count on this sturdy, well-designed holster to provide a snug fit and full protection for your weapon through years of daily use. 

Maintenance is almost too easy: Safari-Laminate dries quickly and cleans with just mild soap and water. Armor-All protectant keeps your holster or gear pouches looking new on the outside. The Safari-Suede liner absorbs excess oils or lubricants, and it protects the finish of your guns and gear on the inside.

No matter which finish you choose, you’ll enjoy long-lasting security for your weapon and critical equipment, more comfort during long, slow shifts, and reliability during high-speed operations. You can depend on Safari-Laminate to fit your gear, as well as your style.

Reliable, comfortable carry gear 
for undercover or plainclothes.

Safariland’s line of specially designed Concealment Holsters and Accessories offers proven comfort, durability, and dependable performance…all with a low-profile print. Whether you need an "invisible" holster and accessories for deep undercover, a comfortable rig for long hours of plainclothes duty, or just a concealable holster for off-duty use, you’ll find it with Safariland—in a variety of popular designs and attractive finishes—even if no-one else ever knows.

 *All Safariland 6378 holsters come with belt loop and paddle attachments*

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"Do you make a holster for a sig sauer p220 compact?"

This holster is not made for the 220 compact, however there are others that are. Anything listed to fit the Sig P245 will also fit your firearm. Please see the link below. http://www.officerstore.com/store/holsterhunter.aspx Thanks

"Do you have one for a Glock 23"

Yes, The part number for right hand would be SAF-6378-283-411. For left hand it would be SAF-6378-283-412

"What size shall I choose (referring to size of this ALS) to fit my Canik TP9SF?"

We don't have one to fit a Canik. Sorry.