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Safariland Model 6360 ALS Level III, Mid-Ride Duty Holster, Hood Guard

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Security under your thumb:

Safariland’s skilled holster designers have improved upon their successful Self-Locking System (SLS) holsters with the new, innovative Automatic Locking System (ALS) holsters, all while incorporating the proven features of the SLS. Created with careful attention to security and the same high level of retention found in their advanced Raptor Series SLS holsters, the ALS holsters allow for fast and easy operation. 


Read on to discover the amazing features and benefits of ALS holsters:

  • A new internal locking system instantly secures your weapon in all directions as you re-holster it.
  • The holster’s advanced, ergonomic design allows you to comfortably wear your weapon close to your body, enabling a smooth, natural draw. Its thumb-operated locking system coupled with the straight-up draw motion allows officers to quickly and easily adapt to the holster; as a result, may find training with it to be easy.
  • Grasp the pistol and rotate the SLS hood down and forward, which naturally positions your thumb on the release lever, giving you a more instinctive draw. No extra motions are needed; just move it slightly to the rear with your thumb and lift the gun straight up and out of the holster. Readjusting your grip is unnecessary – moving the release lever forces your thumb into a natural shooting position.
  • Re-holstering is easy and efficient; there are no flaps or straps to fumble with. Simply seat your pistol into the holster and wait for it to firmly click into place. When it engages the custom-molded ejection port lock, a secure Level II Retention is instantly created. Then, flip up the SLS hood with your fingers as you remove your hand. In under a second, your weapon is secured at Level III Retention—get added security with the optional SLS Sentry installed—all with one hand.

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"Can this holster be used with a weapon light mounted system? Also is this an STX right hand draw holster? Thanks"

Hello, yes, these combinations are available, if you don't see what you need online, please call in for assistance. Thank you

"Will this holster work without the light attached?"

Yes. The ALS system works with or without the light attached.

"Can this holster be used with the Sig Sauer P320 full size?"

No, but the 7360 will fit.

"witch is the model of holster for the pistol fn herstal vive seven? In basket weave style. thanks"

The 6360 will not accommodate the Five-Seven.

"HELLO What is the number of product for a pistol sig sauer sp 2022 without rail? please. And the model for fn herstal five seven. thanks"

The 6360 holster is not available for either of these weapons.