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Safariland Model 6280 Level II Retention Mid-Ride SLS Duty Holster, STX Tactical

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The Model 6280 is the base holster of the SELF LOCKING SYSTEM™ holsters. This duty version features Safariland’s patented SLS rotating hood design for substantially improved weapon security.

A higher level of holster safety. Made simple.

Designed for use with pistols or revolvers, Safariland's revolutionary SELF LOCKING SYSTEM™ holsters feature a patented rotating hood design which secures the gun in the holster more effectively than a traditional thumb break retention system possibly can.

SLS Self-Locking Hood: Since there's no snap, the SLS allows for a smoother single-motion draw and greater protection against attempted weapon takeaways. You simply push down on the hood and rotate forward as you obtain your shooting grip-a move that takes no more a move that takes no more time than opening a snap. Re-holstering is faster and far easier than with a thumb break holster. You just pull back on the hood and the SLS system locks itself. No snaps. No straps. And it's all done with one hand. This holster can be worn in either a top draw or a straight drop cant.

Take retention to another level in practically no-time with these SLS options. 
You can order your Safariland SLS holster with either or both of these popular, practical options preinstalled. Or order them separately for an easy bolt-on retrofit to any SLS holster.

SAFARILAND’s rigid Universal Belt Loop anchors the holster and stabilizes it on the duty belt with hardened aerospace fasteners. The holster and belt become a single unit, keeping the 6280 firmly in place as the weapon is drawn.

The Model 6280 features wraparound construction of thermal-molded SAFARI-LAMINATE™ materials with an adjustable tensioning device, a molded sight track and soft Safari-Suede™ lining. You can count on this sturdy, well-designed holster to provide a snug fit and full protection for your weapon through years of rigorous daily use.

Choose a Model 6280 for pistols or revolvers in STX Tactical SAFARI-LAMINATE.


Proven durability. Lasting good looks. And a perfect fit.

Safariland’s original and most extensive collection of holsters and accessories Law enforcement professionals recognize SAFARI-LAMINATE as the hallmark of the modern Safariland line. Each piece is molded to the shape of the weapons or accessories it is made to carry, then heat laminated with a durable, attractive SAFARI-LAMINATE finish.

Maintenance is almost too easy. SAFARI-LAMINATE will not absorb water or sweat, so it keeps its shape and secure fit no matter how many times it gets wet. It dries quickly and cleans with just mild soap and water. A little ArmorAll Protectant keeps your holster or gear pouches looking new on the outside. While a soft Safari-Suede™ liner absorbs excess oils or lubricants, and protects the finish of your guns and gear on the inside.

No matter which finish you choose, you’ll enjoy long-lasting security for your weapon and critical equipment, more comfort during long, slow shifts…and reliability during high-speed operations. You can depend on SAFARI-LAMINATE to fit your gear…as well as your style.

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"Does this holster come in basketweave"

Yes, please use the pulldown on this link to pick you fit and finish. http://www.officerstore.com/store/product.aspx/productId/19141/Safariland-Model-6280-Level-II-Retention-Mid-Ride-SLS-Duty-Holster/ Thanks

"Does the mode l6280,for the Kimber 5"" 1911, have a shroud which covers the cocked hammer or does the hammer have to be down? Will it fit a Kimber with Ambi-safety?"

This holster does not have a ""shroud"" that covers the hammer. The hammer must be cocked to fit the holster properly. The hood would lock in place between the back of the slide and cocked hammer. It will fit ambi safeties. Thanks

"will this product work with a Glock 27 and a 2 in duty belt"

Good morning, Yes, it will. Fit 22 RH Thank you

"will the s&w m&p 9mm fit in this holster? does this holster come in basketweave?"

This holster is made to fit your firearm in basket weave, however we do not list it on our website. If you contact our customer service department at 800-852-6088 we can place an order for you. The product code will be SAF-6280-219-81 for right hand.

"What Size do I need for Springfield Xd . 40 4 inch?"

Fit 37 will fit the XD.

"What size holster will fit a Glock 22 .40 S&W"

Use fit #s 81, 85, 86

"What is the difference between the STX model and the regular SLS?"

SLS refers to the locking mechanism. STX is the outer finish of the holster. For example you may have an SLS holster with plain finish or the textured STX finish.

"Will this holster fit H&K USP45 full size???"

Yes it will. Please see the size chart at the bottom of the page to choose your finish and which hand you'd like.