Aerosol projectors and accessories for patrol, tactical, crowd management and correctional officers. CTS Defense Aerosols are first options in spontaneous confrontations and non-compliant individuals encountered during patrol and correctional duty. CTS produces a variety of formulations, unit sizes and delivery methods.

CTS manufactactures a wide range of single and multiple projectile munitions with payload capabilities exceeding those of any other less-lethal manufacturer. Single projectile offerings are extremely accurate for selective engagement in a variety of situations. Multiple projectile munitions come in a wide range of payloads permitting escalation of force when dispersing large and unruly crowds.

CTS offers the widest selection of Flash-Bangs and Sting-Ball Grenades in the world with unmatched standards for safety and fuze consistency. Our systems can be deployed by hand or launched to extended ranges. Sting-Ball & Tear-Ball Grenades come in a variety of configurations for multi-effect in riot situations occurring indoors and outdoors.

The VENOM® and V-SERIES™ are enhanced non-lethal deployment modules capable of delivering a variety of payloads. These systems can be integrated on a wide range of vehicle and RWS platforms. The munitions coupled with the launching modules are intended to be used for warning munitions, determining intent, and enhanced deployment of munitions for obscuration and crowd dispersal.

Penn Arms has set the standard for less-lethal launchers world wide for over 20 years. Our patented designs are small, lightweight, and operationally versatile. Constructed out of the highest grade of materials to a high standard of quality, Penn Arms is Dedicated To Your Mission®.

CTS-Thompson Handcuffs+Restraints offers a traditional chain and hinged cuffs in standard and oversize diameters as well as the innovative pick and bump resistant Tri-Max® design. CTS Thompson is also the exclusive world wide distributor for The Jersey Cuff™ made by the Jersey Tactical Corporation - The next generation in disposable restraints.

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