With dozens of options available, how do you choose the right firefighting boots? A comfortable boot is essential to safety on the fireground because, when your feet hurt, you can lose mobility and stamina. LION Fire Boots by Thorogood brings superior working comfort, safety, and durability.

Superior working comfort, safety, and durability

Superior Innovation

Working comfort: Rugged, strong and flexible- everything you want in a firefighting boot. Designed to anatomically match the shape of your heel, and ankle guards that provide a comfortable athletic fit.

Safety: Simply because safety is paramount, we build in the following attributes throughout our boot line; high traction, flexible cement construction, steel, triple rib ladder shank, impact-resisting ankle protection, Lenzi® midsole, and oversized ladder shin guard.

Quality: Our boots have their own unique style, but more importantly, our boots are built to last. Utilizing quality leather, break-through technology in heel padding, safety toe design, and various rugged outsoles, we are confident your boots will stand-up to the multiple tasks you perform every day.

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QR14 14" Structural Bunker Boot

These boots are designed to withstand the most demanding firefighting conditions.

With a generous 14-inch height, they offer superior protection and support. The advanced features of the QR14 include flame and heat resistance, slip-resistant soles, and ergonomic design to reduce fatigue during long hours on the job. These boots are NFPA-certified, guaranteeing they meet the highest safety standards. These boots are a reliable and comfortable structural bunker boot that's optimized for performance.

14in. Knockdown Elite Structural Bunker Boot, NFPA

LION by Thorogood and Vibram® have teamed up to produce the Vibram® FIRE & ICE ATS All-Terrain Sole specifically to improve footing in all firefighting conditions. It utilizes a special rubber compound that maintains a superior grip year-round and will not freeze in winter.

Wrap around side-wall lugs provide additional multi-angle traction at the edge of the foot. Veteran firefighters know how important this can be on pitched roofs, embankments and other inclined surfaces.

Men's 9" Station 1 EMS/Wildland Boot

These hard-working boots never clock out, even if your shift turns in to a double.

These exclusive Vibram® ATS (All-Terrain Sole) provides exceptional traction on any surface. GORE® CROSSTECH® triple-layer moisture barrier is the toughest in the industry. These station boots are EMS and Wildland firefighting certified for the person who has to be prepared for everything.

Rubber Insulated Firefighting Boot with Lug Sole, NFPA

These boots’ rugged rubber construction, along with a lug sole, ensures exceptional traction on various terrains, enhancing the safety and performance of firefighters during critical operations.

The insulation keeps your feet warm and protected, making them ideal for harsh conditions. With a focus on durability and NFPA compliance, this boot is a reliable, high-quality choice that will support firefighters in their challenging and heroic duties.

Hellfire Rubber Insulated Felt Firefighting Boot with Lug Sole, NFPA

Whether you're battling blazes or responding to emergencies, the LION by Thorogood Hellfire Rubber Insulated Felt Firefighting Boot with Lug Sole is a reliable, high-performance choice that prioritizes safety and comfort. Trust in these boots to support you through the toughest challenges of your firefighting duties.