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Gerber Hinderer CLS- Combat Life Saver, Multi-Functional Knife, Partially Serrated Non-Reflective Blade



This is no ordinary tactical knife. It's a life-saver.

On the heels of the successful Hinderer Rescue™, Gerber brings you the CLS (Combat Life Saver) with a non-reflective black finish for tactical applications. The multi-functional, award winning design features a combination 440A high-carbon stainless steel fine and serrated blade with a sharpened tip.

Gerber's patented lock keeps this tough, versatile blade securely open until you're ready to close it by sliding back the button to release the liner lock. This reliable tactical companion also features an oxygen tank wrench, a built-in fold-out seat belt cutter, and window punch to help you get an accident victim—or yourself—out of danger, fast.


  • Overall Length: 8.5''
  • Length Closed: 5.5''
  • Length of Blade: 3.5''
  • Lock Mechanism: Patented Liner Lock
  • Blade Style: Serrated Edge
  • Blade Material: 440A Stainless Steel fine and serrated blade with sharpened tip



Key Features:

  • Over-sized Thumb Stud
  • Safety Hook Cutter For Webbing and Clothing
  • Punch
  • Laynard Hole
  • Patented Liner Lock with a slide button release

CLS model does NOT include a toolkit or sheath.

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews



This is a grate tool. sharp and efective. I find mine very handy.

Pretty solid


I got this as a gift (that I asked for.) My crew had been doing some vehicle rescue training, and I got to use the window punch a couple of times. What once was a sharp, pointed punch became rounded and ineffective. The knife is still holding up otherwise over a year later.



The biggest complaint I have about this product deals with the fact that if yo pocket-carry and tie-down, your tie-down lanyard will end up tangled and shoved into your front-jean pocket. This might seem a little thing, but if any real thought were given to this for use by a tactical EMS/LEO, it would never have passed muster. As to the durability of the glass-breaker, as of yet I can't comment.If you can do without the O2 wrench, consider the Benchmade Triage 916/917. I just can't get over the lanyard hole being placed so that it is IN the pocket. The devil i in the details, end of.

Good but could use tweeking


I had this knife about 3mo before losing it, but in that short time I noticed the paint does not hold up well at all. The 2nd day i carried it, it was already chipping. If they could do something with that it would be much better. I did not use the punch so I do not know about its durability. The blade is sharp from the package and the belt cuter worked well enough. I did not receive a lanyard or any other carry method with mine. It has a clip that works mostly but notice I did loose mine out of my back pocket from a seated position. I plan to order another one but i hope the paint lasts better and i think it will go in the front pocket.