GEARMASTERS Air-Flow Lockers come in four sizes. One, two, three and four section combinations are available. Each firefighter's locker has interior dimensions of 18" width, 21" depth and 72" height. Lockers are painted with a light gray enamel, with several other colors available, and each has a stainless steel recessed handle that can accommodate your own padlock. 18" wide doors are one piece, full width. Standard locker construction is flat top with 6" legs. The rear legs are adjustable to compensate for uneven floors. Base enclosure panels are an option. Lockers can be furnished without legs for curb or wall mounting installations.

GEARMASTERS Air-Flow Lockers are shipped "knocked down" for field assembly. Detailed instructions are provided. A 3/8" socket driver is the only tool required. Each locker section is provided with a 6" plastic name tag holder and one Air-dry Coat Hanger.

VS-118"w x 21"d x 78"h1 Section
VS-236"w x 21"d x 78"h2 Section
VS-354"w x 21"d x 78"h3 Section
VS-472"w x 21"d x 78"h4 Section

MATERIAL: All parts made from cold rolled sheet steel, free from surface imperfection, and capable of taking a high grade enamel finish.

FINISH: All parts to be thoroughly cleaned before painting and given a bonding and rust resisting phosphate coating to inhibit corrosion, followed by one coat of high grade enamel sprayed on by electrostatic method. All locker parts shall be sprayed inside and outside with the same color. Enamel to be baked on with the proper temperature/time relationship to insure thorough curing and a tough, durable finish. Standard color to be light gray. Additional colors available upon request. Hardware to be cadmium plated #10-24 truss fin head bolts and hex nuts.

DOOR FRAME: All door frame members to be not less than 16 gauge formed to a channel shape. Vertical members to have an additional flange to provide a continuous door strike. Cross frame members of 16 gauge channel shapes shall be securely welded to vertical framing members to insure rigidity.

DOORS: Doors shall be formed of one piece 14 gauge cold rolled sheet steel. Formations shall consist of a full channel shape on the lock side of adequate depth to fully conceal the lock bar, channel on the hinge side and right angle formations across the top and bottom. Doors shall be perforated for free air flow while leaving sufficient metal for door strength and rigidity utilizing diamond shaped perforations 3/4" X 1-1/2".

DOOR HANDLE: Handles shall be completely recessed in the door and be finger lift control. The formed pocket shall be brushed stainless steel, securely fastened to the door with two lugs plus a positive tamper resistant decorative fastener. The pocket shall be of sufficient depth to prevent a combination padlock from protruding beyond the face of the door. A lock hole cover plate shall be provided for the use with padlocks. The lifting piece shall be 14 gauge formed steel, attached to the latching channel with one concealed retaining lug and one rivet assuring a positive two point connection. It shall have a sound deadening molded finger lift attached with a rivet.

LATCHING: Doors to have a latch clip engaging the door frame at three points. Locking device shall be positive, automatic type. One rubber silencer shall be provided at each latch hook and shall be firmly secured in the frame and retained by the latch hook. Latch hook to have a bevel on front upper edge to allow latch clip to ride up slope as door is closed. Latch hooks shall have tamper guards.

HINGES: .050" thick, double spun, full loop, tight pin fiveknuckle hinges with double wrapped leaves, 2" high projection welded to door frame and securely fastened to the door with two rivets. Each locker door to have three hinges.

CONSTRUCTION: Built on the unit principal, each locker shall have an individual door and frame, individual top, bottom, interior shelf and common intermediate uprights separating compartments.

BODY: Bolt spacing in locker body construction not to exceed 9" o.c. All locker body components shall be made of cold rolled steel specially formed for added strength and rigidity and to insure tight joints at fastening points. Locker side panels shall be 16 gauge cold rolled sheet steel perforated with diamond shaped openings 3/4" X 1-1/2" high in such quantity and pattern as to insure maximum ventilation. Locker backs shall be formed from 18 gauge cold rolled sheet steel with right angle flanges on each vertical side for stiffness, ease of assembly, and to provide corner rigidity to the locker unit. Tops, bottoms and helmet storage shelf shall be formed from 16 gauge cold rolled steel fully flanged on all sides for added stiffness. The helmet shelf shall have an additional return flange on the front edge creating a channel shape to rigidize the impact surface.

INTERIOR EQUIPMENT: Lockers to have a helmet shelf located approximately 12" below top of locker. Coat hanger rod to be 18" wide and bolts to each side along with a single prong wall utility hook. Two additional utility hooks are provided for mounting on interior of locker rear walls.

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