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EMI Flashback Five XL LED Light Baton

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Advanced LED and Reflector Technology = One of the Brightest, Most Versatile Signal Lights Available.

The EMI Flashback Five™ can be used as a hand-held signal light, a vehicle warning light, as an on-the-scene dash or deck light, or even an emergency flashlight. 20 powerful LEDs in two colors are controlled by a single, five-stage push-button switch.

You just click to select flashing red, blue, or red/blue, or flashing blended colors; plus a white LED flashlight mode.

  • Measures a full 18.75" long
  • 20 LEDs; multiple color & flash combinations
  • 5-stage switch: red, blue, red/blue alternating, red/blue blend, white flashlight
  • Can be seen up to 1 mile in all directions
  • Ensures visibility day or night, in any weather
  • Magnetic tailcap base mounts on vehicles
  • Weather-resistant high-impact ABS plastic body
  • Non-slip grip with belt clip and wrist strap
  • Ideal for police, EMS, fire, 1st responders or civilian emergency use
With its 360° light dispersion, the Flashback Five™ ensures visibility up to a mile in any direction; day or night; in rain, fog or snow. Flashlight mode provides a focused beam of white light from the end of the baton, bright enough for navigation, reading, or locating objects in the dark. The weather resistant body is made of high-impact ABS plastic with a non-slip textured grip, rubber-covered switch, built-in belt clip, and a wrist strap.

The EMI Flashback Five™ is ideal for police, fire, EMS, and other first responders. It is also an excellent emergency warning and safety light for civilian use.

  • Length: 18.75” long (handle is 5” long
  • Weight: Approx. 1lb.

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Worth It


The on/off button can be hard to find in the dark since it doesn't stand out nor feels different from the regular grip. Overall the light is very bright.

EMI Flashback Five model 2010


Had for about 18 months. Used primarily at traffic control points and to assist with directing motor vehicle traffic. Versatile with ability to change light colors based on need - a definite plus. Runs for about 10-12 hours on one set of 4AA batteries. Wiring from battery case to LED end is very fragile. Mine broke and could not be repaired. Flashlight mode is useless but I will try another one.

Light baton


Cheaply made and can't be used if batteries are dead.

Poor Quality and Unfixable


The LED baton if fine when it work, however several units just began to shutoff during operation for no apparent reason. Battery power was not the cause.


"Hi. I am curious to know if this baton will show the color red as both a solid and blinking. I like the idea of some of the color combinations but am looking for a baton that can be used with a color either as a solid color or blinking. Thanks."

John, not sure I understand what your asking here, it will flash red and the white flashlight will burn solid, but I don't think you can flash red and have a solid red at the same time.

"Sorry for the confusion and multiple questions. The specifications for this five XL does not seem to indicate that red (or any of the colors) could be shown as a solid light (as opposed to flashing). Simply stated: Does this baton have the ability to show red as a solid light? Can any of the other colors be solid? Thanks."

John, none of the colors will come on as a solid color, except the white LEDs

"Can I use rechargeable batteries with this baton? Thank you"


"Hello, Does this particular light have a ""steady on"" pattern? Specifically for ""red""? Thank you!"

George, yes only for the ""White"" mode, not for the Red

"What is the approximate battery life on this product?"

That is going to depend on which flash pattern you are using, how long you are using the light, there is no correct answer to this, you might get 3 or 4 hours at a time, or you could go all night with out changing the batteries.

"my question is I bought an EMI: flashback five led light baton approx. 6 months to year ago and it just started to shut of after a few mins being used. Is this a common issue with these lights. PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE"

Mike, we are giving you the customer service; rfkvision@aol.com this is the email i received they want your address and they will replace your light. Please send us the address of the customer, we will more than happy to send them a replacement. Kristina Williams So follow up on this, and you will get a new light.