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Code 3 MicroDash Preemption, Traffic Signal Strobe



A versatile design. Completely self-contained.

High and low priority preemption emitter is fully compatible with all existing preemption systems. Can be used as a dash-mount preemption signal generator or it can also be mounted inside of a lightbar. Current drain is a mere 1.35 amps and a simple two wire control scheme can be used to enable or disable the emitter using either a 12 volt source or ground.


High or low priority transmission is selected with a single wire. The Microdash Preemption is built on the extremely popular Linear Microthin housing and lens design; the modular construction makes changes in the field a snap.

  • High and low priority emitter in a single unit
  • Crystal controlled accuracy - low current drain: 1.35 amps
  • Active high and active low enable/disable
  • Single wire high/low priority selection
  • Flashback shield and windshield bracket included
  • Bail mount bracket and all hardware included
  • Compatible with all existing Pre-emption emitters and detectors
  • Height: 1.75"
  • Width: 6.00"
  • Depth: 6.20"

Sold for use in Designated Emergency Vehicles only.

We are permitted to sell these lights to only Emergency Response Personnel, official departments, or governmental bodies allowed to operate a Designated Emergency Vehicle. Purchaser is required to submit two forms of official identification plus a letter of authorization signed by your superior on your department or governmental letterhead.

Unauthorized use or possession of a preemption strobe in a non-designated vehicle could result in criminal prosecution and severe fines in some states. It is the customer's responsibility to determine and comply with all applicable laws and emergency vehicle regulations and designations to assure compliance. Consult your federal, state, and local laws and regulations, or your local police department if you have questions regarding the use of these products. All orders for this item will be placed on hold pending verification of authorization and required ID's.

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It doesn't always work, but that seems more a function of how you have to mount it inside the vehicle. But it does trip the lights in my town and it's been a very affordable alternative to the other emitters that are 10X the price.

3M Systems Might have Codes


If your city has the 3M System you might want to ask if they've encoded the receivers. If so the Nova units might not trigger the 3M System

No issues yet


I have installed and used a handful of these lights in my town, and they never fail to work. I have been using them for several years now with no issues. Easy to install and uninstall. Anytime the sensor does not trip the traffic light it has been found to be an issue with the receiver not the emitter. Will continue to buy this product.


"can I get it with a 12 volt plug on it for plugin in a cigarette lighter outlet"

This is purchased as is without any plugs, or switches. You install in the vehicle of choice, wire it through a switch box, fuse protect it from your power source, in most states that this approved to be used your required to have a light/led or something to show that it is on / powered up.

"Does this light have adjustable output. Our signals are coded different then the standard"

Joe, they claim that this will work on all model of preemption systems, some more slowly than others, as far as we know there is no adjustable output for this item. We think it will come down to where it is mounted as to how well it will work, in the windshield, then you get behind a large truck, depends on the situation

"Does this product come with a cigarette lighter power supply? Also does the manufacturer make a cover for the light/lens? Any feed back would be helpful. Thanks, Adam"

This device has a direct-wire lead only and there are no covers.

"Does this require a separate power supply, or is it a stand alone unit that I can wire directly to my 12v power?"

Anthony, just wire it to your 12 volt car power supply, either direct or via cigar plug.