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BCT15X 2500-Channel BearTracker Mobile/TrunkTracker III Scanner

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Mobile/Base Trunking Scanner with III™, Close CallRF and GPS Support.

The BCT15 scanner is a state-of-the-art scanner radio with TrunkTracker III™ and automatic scanning capabilities. Store conventional frequencies such as police, fire/emergency, marine, air, amateur, and other communications (in the dynamic memory). You can store and scan services that use Trunked Radio Systems and so much more. Use the scanner’s scroll Control to quickly select channels and frequencies, and you can automatically program channels in a system using the AutoStore feature.

Use your scanner to monitor:

  • Analog trunked public safety systems (unencrypted only)
  • Police and fire departments (including rescue and paramedics)
  • NOAA weather transmissions
  • Business/Industrial radio and utilities
  • Marine and Amateur (ham radio) bands
  • Railroad
  • Military and Civilian Aircraft


  • 2500 Dynamically Allocated Channels
  • Up to 400 Systems
  • 100 System Quick Keys- with 10 Channel Group Quick Keys Per System
  • TrunkTracker III - EDACS, Motorola, E.F. Johnson
  • Location-Based Scanning
  • BearTracker™ Warning System - Alerts you to activity on Highway Patrol link frequencies to let you know if there is activity within about 3 miles of your location.
  • Close Call™ RF Capture Technology - Instantly tunes to signals from nearby transmitters. Instantly detects and tunes to nearby transmissions with no additional programming.
  • Dangerous Crossing, Dangerous Road and POI Alert
  • State-by-State Preprogrammed Channels- Lets you easily keep up with activity on local police, Department of Transportation, and Highway Patrol frequencies when you travel, without having to program any channels.
  • Close Call Do Not Disturb- checks for Close Call activity in between channel reception so active channels are not interrupted
  • Close Call Temporary Store- temporarily stores and scans the last 10 Close Call hits so that you can continue to monitor activity on these frequencies, even after you are out of Close Call detection range.
  • 100 System Quick Keys with 10 Channel Group Quick Keys per system- makes it easy to listen to or quickly lock out those systems or groups you do not want to scan.
  • Lockout Options- with several different and easy lockout options, you can quickly make your choices to lockout or unlock services.
  • Temporary Lockout- provides you with a fast means to automatically unlock temporarily locked out channels/systems when you cycle power.
  • Receives 25-512, 764-805, 806-956, and 1240-1300 MHz- (excluding cellular frequencies) the scanner receives the most popular and useful ranges.
  • DIN-E and ISO Vehicle Mountable- using a optional DIN-E sleeve (Part Number DIN-0001 not provided) or a standard ISO technique, the scanner can be mounted in most vehicles.
  • Broadcast Screen- using this option you can ignore Close Call or Search hits in Pager, FM, UHF TV, VHF TV, NOAA Weather, or custom set bands.
  • Data Skip- helps you to be more free from unwanted data transmissions and reduces ‘birdies.’
  • Duplicate Input Alert- warns you if you attempt to input duplicate data for a name, frequency, or other item.
  • Fire Tone-Out- alerts you if a two-tone sequential page is transmitted.
  • Frequency Auto Store- lets you automatically store a newly found frequency during a search.
  • 3-Level Display and Keypad Backlight- makes it easy to use the scanner at night.
  • Public Safety Scanner


  • AC Adapter
  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter Power Cord
  • Three Wire DC
  • Mounting Bracket and Hardware
  • Push-on type Telescopic Antenna
  • Remote PC to Scanner Cable
  • Owner’s Manual on CD

Technical Specifications:

Range (MHz) StepMode
25.0000-26.96005 MHzPetroleum Products & Broadcast Pickup
26.9650 27.40505 kHzCB Class D Channel
27.4100-27.99505 kHzBusiness & Forest Products
28.0000-29.680020 kHz10 Meter Amateur Band
29.7000-49.990010 kHzVHF Low Band
50.0000-53.980020 MHz6 Meter Amateur Band
54.0000-71.950050 kHzVHF TV Broadcast 2 - 4
72.0000-75.99505 kHzIntersystem & Astronomy
76.0000-87.950050 kHzVHF TV Broadcast 5 - 6
88.0000-107.9000100 kHzFM Broadcast
108.0000-136.975025 kHzAircraft Band
137.0000-143.987512.5 kHzMilitary Land Mobile
144.0000-147.99505 kHz2 Meter Amateur Band
148.0000-150.787512.5 kHzMilitary Land Mobile
150.8000-161.99505 kHzVHF High Band
162.0000-173.987512.5 kHzFederal Government
174.0000-215.950050 kHzTV Broadcast 7 - 13
216.0000-224.980020 MHz1.25 Meter Amateur Band
225.0000-379.975025 MHzUHF Aircraft Band
380.0000-399.987512.5 kHzMilitary Band
400.0000-405.987512.5 kHzMiscellaneous
406.0000-419.987512.5 kHzFederal Government Land Mobile
420.0000-449.987512.5 kHz70 cm Amateur Band
450.0000-469.987512.5 kHzUHF Standard Band
470.0000-512.000012.5 kHzUHF TV
764.0000-775.987512.5 kHzPublic Service Band
794.0000-805.987512.5 kHzPublic Service Band
806.0000-823.987512.5 kHzPublic Service Band
849.0125-868.987512.5 kHzPublic Service Band
894.0125-956.000012.5 kHzPublic Service Band
1240.0000-1300.000025 MHz25 cm Amateur Band

Sensitivity (nominal) 12dB SINAD:
0.4µV 25 - 27.995 MHz
0.3µV 28 - 53.98 MHz
0.7µV 54 - 71.95 MHz
0.3µV 72 - 75.995 MHz
0.6µV 76 - 107.9 MHz
0.4µV 108 - 136.975 MHz
0.3µV 137 - 173.9875 MHz
0.6µV 174 - 215.95 MHz
0.3µV 216 - 224.98 MHz
0.4µV 225 - 379.975 MHz
0.4µV 380 - 512 MHz
0.3µV 764 - 954 MHz
0.7µV 1240 - 1300 MHz

External Jacks :
Antenna Jack BNC Type,
Phone Jack 3.5mm Stereo Type,
Ext. Speaker Jack 3.5mm Monaural Type
REC. Out Jack 3.5mm Stereo Type
DC Power Jack 5.5mm Center Positive
Remote Interface Jack 4pin Mini Type
GPS / Remote Interface Jack D-sub 9pin Male Type
Ext. DC Power / ORNG Wire Jack 3pin (Center Orange Wire)

500 max
Groups: 20 per system
Site: 1000 max (All) 256 per system
Channels: up to 2500
Channels per Trunked System: up to 250
Band Coverage: 31 Bands
Attenuation: 20dB nominal
Scan Rate: 100 channels per second (Conventional mode) max
Search Rate: 300 steps per second (5 kHz step only) max
Audio Output: 2.6W nominal into 8O speaker, 30mW nominal into 32O stereo headphone
Power Requirements: DC 11.0V to 16.6V
AC Adapter (AD-1009) or Cigarette Lighter Cord or DC Cord with Orange Wire
Operating Temperature: Nominal -20°C to +60°C, Close Call -10°C to +60°C
Size: 7.2 in. (W) x 6 in. (D) x 2.2 in. (H)
184mm (W) x 154mm (D) x 56mm H)
Weight: 3.5 lbs [1.6 kg.] (without Mounting Bracket)

Certificated accordance with FCC Rules and Regulations Part 15 Subpart C as of date of manufacture.
Features, specification, and availability of optional accessories are all subject to change without notice.

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