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Amerex 2.5 Gallon Pressurized Water Extinguisher



Amerex's Pressurized Water Extinguisher uses the cooling, soaking, and penetrating effect of a 45-55 ft. stream of water to quickly knock down Class A fires.

The Model 240 1.5 Gallon Pressurized Water Extinguisher can deliver a 45-55 ft. stream of water to cool, soak, and penetrate fires. The 50 second discharge time makes the extinguisher very effective for quickly knocking down Class A Fires.

This extinguisher can be easily carried around using Amerex's Water Can Harness or Extinguisher Carry Bag (both sold separately). Powerful and efficient, this "Water Can" is the favorite choice of America's firefighters.

  • Extinguisher can deliver 45-55 ft. stream of water to soak fires
  • 50 second discharge time works well for quickly knocking down Class A Fires
  • Extinguisher can combine with Amerex's Water Can Harness or Extinguisher Carry Bag (both sold separately) to enable easy carrying
Please note:
  • This Extinguisher is NOT charged.
  • Amerex Hansen Quick Connect Pressurized Adapter (W-02141) is needed to recharge this Extinguisher.

  • Application: Hose & Nozzle
  • U/L Rating: 2A
  • Capacity: 2.5 gal
  • Height: 24.5"
  • Width: 9"
  • Diameter: 7"
  • Range: 45-55 ft
  • Discharge Time: 50 sec

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my son and son in law are firemen - they have both been after me to ADD these to the 6 dry chemical extinguishers we already have. even though we are very rural, I'd been resisting - resisting UNTIL they had me watch a video showing how quickly a room can go up. I bought FIVE of them and I am happy I did. also - the contents of DRY CHEMICAL EXTINGUISHERS ARE EXTREMELY CORROSIVE - these are water and will result in much less damage (assuming you put out the fire) they come with the standard Schrader air valves - so you DO NOT need the fill adapter ( P/N Amerex 00155 pressure valve and cap assembly) to fill it regardless of what vendors may tell you.