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Action Target's Reactive Hostage Target is an effective, reactive, tactical trainer for the most stressful of shooting situations.

The only thing worse than missing what you shoot at is hitting something you were not supposed to. The PT Hostage™ is a simple but powerful reactive steel marksmanship training tool that simulates a hostile threat hiding behind an innocent bystander. To provide instant and obvious feedback to the shooter, the heavy duty AR550 rifle grade steel target plate will swing over to the opposite side each time it is hit.

If deadly force is warranted based on the situation, an officer may be forced to adjust his tactics and make the shot. The PT Hostage™ instantly demonstrates the results of that shot in a training environment, to help the officer understand what actions may or may not be realistic with regards to marksmanship under stress. For a different training scenario, simply lift the swinging paddle target out of its holder on the rear of the main target plate to turn the hostage simulator into a standard PT Torso™ reactive steel target. This full-size silhouette torso is excellent for reactive practice with handguns or rifles at longer distances, or in a wide variety of realistic tactical scenarios.

  • Reactive swing-around action for more variable and realistic training
  • Low profile, bullet shedding stand
  • Great stress inducer
  • Builds realistic expectations
  • Ideal for tactical training scenarios
  • Through-hardened AR550 steel target heads for safe use with rifles or handguns
  • Swinging hostage plate can be easily removed to create a standard PT Torso™ target
  • Kit includes low-profile bullet-shedding stand, full-size torso target head, and swinging paddle target

NOTE: Even if using the 550 Brinell Heavy Duty plates, the deflector plate is not made of hard steel and is vulnerable to damage from high power rifle rounds.


Instant feedback — you see it, you hear it, you feel how to get it done. A spot appears… the target moves… the clang hitting a steel target immediately tells all your senses — your whole body, not just your intellect — that you’re right on target. So you can do it again. And again. And again. Just like that. Regular practice with steel targets reinforces positive behavior and programs muscle memory to help make fast, accurate shooting a reflex. Like hitting a baseball or riding a bike, your body subconsciously remembers how to orchestrate all the variables required for success. The more it’s repeated, and the more senses involved in training, the faster your body learns and the more easily it remembers. So when it’s real, you react. You don’t have to think about shooting… only about identifying your target.

Not all steel targets are the same. Other steel targets may cost less up front, but just because they’re steel, doesn’t mean they’re safe. Only a few very specialized grades of steel are hard enough to make truly effective and long-lasting targets. Softer steels can be easily chipped or pitted by harder or higher velocity rounds. Even a moderately pitted surface, or a target with exposed brackets or bolts, can cause inconsistent splatter or ricochets at potentially dangerous angles.

Unlike cheaper steel targets, Action Target’s superior metallurgy and smooth construction means bullet debris splatters safely to the sides in a controlled 20° spread from the plane of the target upon impact.

Two grades of superior steel. For handguns or even high-power rifles. Action Target uses only the finest through-hardened AR500 and AR550 Brinell steel with a completely smooth surface for safe, predictable performance with a wide variety of weapons and ammunition. Standard AR500 steel targets easily withstand all standard handgun ammunition with no damage and predictable splatter. For a very modest increase in cost, target plates can be upgraded to Heavy Duty AR550 steel for additional use with high-power rifles (including LE standard .223 and .308 caliber) at appropriate distances.


All Action Target Portable Steel Targets are:

  • Made of the finest through-hardened 500+ Brinell steel with proper alloy elements to produce the required toughness and depth of hardening. They last.
  • Proper Steel hardness controls the impact and reaction. Creates instant positive visual and audible feedback
  • Totally smooth and flat shooting surfaces provide consistent and predictable bullet splatter patterns. No dangerous brackets, clamps, or bolts to get in the way.
  • Target heads rest at a downward sloping angle to better control splatter, directing most of it into the ground
  • Designed to move when struck, for even greater dissipation of bullet impact energy.
  • Easy to transport, assemble, and use.
  • Provides challenging, realistic training on a tight budget.
  • More affordable in the long run. There is no better value in steel targets
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Base:24" x 24" x 3” High
Stand:1, 2, 3 or 4 ft high
Head:24” x 13” torso plus paddle
Weight:Heavy Duty (550 Brinell): 80 lbs.
Handgun:Yes (500 Brinell, 10 yards +)
Rifle:Yes (550 Brinell, 100 yards +)

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