Action Target Reactive Knock-Down Action Plate Rack



Action Target's Reactive Knock-Down Action Plate Rack is a better, simpler, more reliable plate rack at a dramatically lower price.

Action Target has dramatically reduced the cost and complexity of this popular type of interactive target system, while actually improving its strength, performance, and reliability. With its superior steel construction, innovative engineering, and greatly simplified design, Action Target's Reactive Knock-Down Action Plate Rack is one of the best, most cost-effective plate rack systems available anywhere. The plate rack features a deflector rail with six durable round target paddles, two sturdy adjustable-height stands, and a mechanical cable reset device.

The angled deflector plate and target heads on the PT Plate Rack™ are made of the finest hardened AR500 steel for safe handgun and rifle training. Action Target’s innovative “no-welds” design means the target heads won’t break, and the chance of dangerous splatter or ricochets is significantly reduced. After you knock the targets down, set them up again by simply pulling the cable attached to the mechanical reset lever. This can be done with ease, during live fire, from safely behind the firing line. Call for information about ordering additional target heads in a variety of sizes and shapes for target differentiation exercises or other training options.

  • Reactive knockdown action for active, more effective training
  • No-weld target plates virtually eliminate breakage
  • Smooth, simple, cable-pull reset lets you quickly re-set targets from behind the firing line
  • Angled splatter deflector plate directing most debris into the ground
  • AR500 steel plates — for safe use with handguns or rifles
  • Additional target plate shapes available, easy to change


  • Size: 4.5' H x 9' L x 24" Deep
  • Weight: Standard (500 Brinell): 250 lbs.
  • Handgun: Yes (500 Brinell, 10 yards +)
  • Rifle: Yes (550 Brinell, 100 yards +)

Please Note:Even if using the 550 Brinell Heavy Duty plates, the deflector plate is not made of hard steel and is vulnerable to damage from high power rifle rounds.

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