Action Target Heavy Duty AR550 Steel IPSC Hostage Practice Target with 3' Stand



Improve your accuracy by adding accountability for every missed shot on Action Target's IPSC Hostage Practice Target, designed with the competitive shooter in mind.

Hitting your target can be challenging, but when there’s a no-shoot target in the way, it can get a whole lot more difficult. Action Target's IPSC Hostage Practice Target not only trains you to hit your target, but teaches you to avoid what you’re not supposed to shoot. This reactive target is great for improving accuracy and speed, and the immediate feedback of clanging steel reinforces good shooting habits. The rear swinging plate (which simulates the bad guy in a hostage situation) is easily installed without tools and uses gravity to swing from side to side when shot so you don’t have to rely on springs or other mechanisms that may break or malfunction. The hostage target is designed for handgun use at 10+ yards and rifle use with ammunition under 3,000 fps at 100+ yards. With its larger IPSC standard dimensions, durability, and enhanced responsiveness, Action Target's IPSC Hostage Practice Target is a great target for personal defense, law enforcement, and competition training.


  • Weight: 75 lbs.
  • Height: 65" (when mounted to a 3' stand)
  • Head plate: 30” H x 18” W
  • Reactive swinging head plate: 6” diameter
  • Base: 24” x 25” (35" diagonally)
  • Steel grade: 3/8" AR550 armor steel
  • Handgun use: 10+ yards
  • Rifle use: Ammo under 3,000 fps; 100 yards

Please Note: The stand and feet are made of mild steel and are not intended to withstand the force of a bullet. Shooting the stand and feet may result in damage.

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