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Zico SURE-GRIP Equipment Holders

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Zico SURE-GRIP Equipment Holders

Firmly secure struts, jacks, rams, and more with these quick and easy-to-use mounting brackets.

DEPENDABLE: features the heavy-duty, all-weather hook & loop straps that have secured your tools and equipment for over 20 years.

PRECISE: strap conforms to the equipment, no matter the shape, providing a tighter, more “true” grip.

FAST: simply unfasten the strap and remove the equipment. The strap will free itself as you pull.

STRONG: the wider strap provides a larger surface area for stronger, more controlled hold. Tension is applied by pulling away from the mount base, giving you more leverage and allowing you to apply more of your strength when securing, resulting in a tighter fit.

EFFICIENT: strap extends only slightly past the base, leaving a smaller overall footprint and allowing you to potentially fit more equipment in the same space



  • UV-resistant materials
  • Easier to use with gloved hands
  • Dual rubber pads combine for a premium grip
  • Wider opening accommodates more types of equipment


  • Strap Assembly: 8″ L x 3-1/8″ W x 4-5/16″ D
  • Small Base: 4″ O.D., 2-3/4″ I.D.
  • Medium Base: 5″ O.D., 3-5/8″ I.D.
  • Large Base: 6″ O.D., 4-1/4″ I.D.
  • Strap Assembly mounting holes are 1″ on center. Mounts horizontally or vertically
  • Nylon strap is 1.5″ wide with a rubber pad. Available in black or yellow.
  • High-tensile strength plastic base includes two screws for mounting



  • Small base, black strap: Model SG-VM-EHS
  • Small base, yellow strap: Model SG-VM-EHS-Y
  • Medium base, black strap: Model SG-VM-EHM
  • Medium base, yellow strap: Model SG-VM-EHM-Y
  • Large base, black strap: Model SG-VM-EHL
  • Large base, yellow strap: Model SG-VM-EHL-Y

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