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Talon Rescue TRECK+ Heavy Duty Emergency Clothing Knife and Seatbelt Cutter with Silicon Band

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The TRECK+. When trauma shears just don’t cut it. ™

The TRECK+ is an multi purpose emergency cutting tool, specifically designed to simultaneously remove multiple layers of clothing, equipment and other obstructions from a trauma patient.

Most technicians will agree that shears are slow and sometimes fail. The repetitive motions of squeezing the shears can be tiring and time consuming, and increasingly difficult if the patient is moving or convulsing. Each time the shears are opened, and pushed towards the article of clothing, the lower arm also comes in closer contact with the patient.

The TRECK works best as you draw it away from the patient, which prevents contact, and also allows the TRECK+ to slice through materials more effectively. Access wounds quickly, safely and more easily.  
  • Purpose-built patented design removes multiple layers of clothing simultaneously
  • Effective razor-sharp, heavy-duty, serrated steel utility blade makes easy and even cuts (can even cut through turnout gear!)
  • Large handle with grips, bright color and ultra lightweight cored design make this perfect for rescue use
  • Priced for disposability with multi-use capability
  • Strong ABS plastic frame only 2.4 oz. / 8.5" long
  • Includes white silicon band for knife portion of tool for extra protection
  • Choose Orange or Black TRECK versions
  • Made in the USA
The TRECK+ uses the patented, award-winning Rapid Edge® blade, with its Teflon coating and serrated design offering 5 cutting surfaces. The blade reduces friction, stays sharp longer, and cuts more evenly. Works well on cotton, denim, leather, nylon and other common materials. The TRECK+ can also save a lot of hand fatigue vs. trauma shears when removing turnout gear, motorcycle racing leathers, hazmat suits, thick jackets, heavy uniforms, seatbelts and other problematic articles.

TRECK+ Usage for Clothing, Uniforms and Belts
  1. The ballpoint tip is inserted into an article of clothing, starting with the waistband or collar. Use an upward pulling motion to make the initial cut.
  2. As the TRECK+ is drawn down the article of clothing, and away from the patient, the ballpoint glides along the inside of the clothing. The material is lifted by the ballpoint, then cut with a serrated steel razor blade.
  3. Keep the handle parallel to the cutting surface. Continue to draw the TRECK+ down and away from the patient until the obstructions are removed. Dispose of when necessary
TRECK+ Usage for Seat Belt Cutter
The TRECK+’s sharp, utility-grade serrated steel razor blade will last for multiple cuts. Seat belt removal is fast due to the TRECK+’s ballpoint tip and guard (for location) and wider opening than most seat belt cutters.

Additional Features
  • New improved Teflon coated razor-sharp, heavy-duty, serrated steel utility blade makes easy and even cuts (can even cut through turnout gear!)
  • New O2 key feature built into the handle
  • New chain or carabineer attachment point
  • New elevated blade angle and optimized ballpoint to blade guide
  • Autoclavable if there should be biohazard contamination of the device
 Razor blade!Use extreme caution and avoid contact with the blade. Product should only be used if blade contact with operator, patient, or bystanders can be avoided. Use extreme caution as you would with any utility knife or sharp-edged product.

It is recommended that the silicon band (included) is on the tool when not in use. Operators may not hold Talon Rescue, LLC. or Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. liable in any way for injuries, and are required to read the How To Guide and latest instructional videos.

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