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SuperFlo Bunker Boot Mate

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Trust Bunker Boot Mate to help protect your legs and keep your pants comfortably placed over your boots.

Bunker Boot Mate is a non-invasive strap that simply snaps between the two snaps that already exist between the liner and outer shell of most turnout pants. The strap then wraps around your boot at the instep and attaches to the remaining pair of snaps on the other side. The elastic component of Bunker Boot Mates  provide the security that you need without restricting you from doing your job.
  • Fire resistant materials
  • Snaps between liner and outer shell of most bunker pants
  • Loops around boot at instep
  • Helps protect legs in the event of a fall-through
  • Helps prevent pants from riding up while crawling
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold as a pair
  • S1: Pre-2013 Morning Pride, Honeywell
    • Snap at or below ankle
  • S2: 2013+ Morning Pride, Globe, FireDex, Janesville, Honeywell, Velocity, most brands
    • Snap at or below the ankle
  • L1: Pre-2013 Morning Pride, Honeywell
    • Snap above ankle
  • L2: 2013+ Morning Pride, Globe, FireDex, Janesville, Honeywell, Velocity, most brands
    • Snap above the ankle
  • Clips: 2013+ Innotex, FireDex Models with 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock snaps
    • Size not dependent upon snap height
Bunker Boot Mates are meant to be sized based upon the height of the ankle snap. The letter within the model indicates length, while the number indicates snap orientation. For example, an S1 indicates the shorter length with the snap stud on the side of the Bunker Boot Mate with writing.

The height of the snap must be taken into account when properly sizing orders.

S2 is the most popular size.

Extended lengths are available upon request. Please send measurements of the instep, from snap to snap, while firefighter is standing with boots on.


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Overall pretty good but has some design flaws ...


I've been using the bunker boot mate for a couple months now and it worked great at first. After a little bit of use I noticed that at times the strap will become unhooked from my bunker pants.