StatTape Patient Care Tape



​STAT TAPE is a new medical tape that is transforming patient care documentation and accuracy.

This adhesive tape is ideal for anyone who needs to transfer patients under stressful situations, when seconds count, as well as for health care providers who depend on concise emergency care documentation.

A three-inch wide hypoallergenic tape for EMS providers with a printed template for patient information documentation. During a patient transfer STAT TAPE, Patient Care, insures that vital patient information can be quickly and accurately documented while remaining with the patient throughout the transfer. This means less human error, less loose and lost paperwork, less patient reports with incomplete information, and less wasted time.

STAT TAPE, Patient Care, is light, mobile, and easy to implement into any current emergency care protocol.

There are 27 patient care sections on each roll.

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I love this tape!


This makes my patient care reports so much easier. All the info I usually scribble on a tape anyways. Where has this been?!