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SoundOff Signal Pinnacle 48" LED Lightbar, Low Profile Fixed Mount, with Takedowns and Alleys

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Cutting edge lightbar with low-profile fixed mounting bracket and intense and bright Gen3 LEDs.

Pinnacle Series lightbars feature SoundOff's innovative optics design, Fusion Technology. Fusion Technology are the first ever optics designed much like a lighthouse to boost the light farther and wider for a bright, safe warning signal. Super powerful Gen3 LED Takedown and Alley lights standard. The Pinnacle Lightbar is the cutting edge lightbar for law enforcement, security, fire, tow/municipal vehicle fleets or volunteer vehicles. Lightbar has a 5-year No Hassle Warranty.
  • Low Profile Fixed Height Bracket is a stationary bracket that mounts the lightbar the closest to the roof line, around 3/4" on a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
  • Streamlined, modular design is easy to maintain with field replaceable modules that are easily upgradable
  • High Diode Split Rear Arrow Modules have double the LEDs (12 per module) for a "full" split arrow effect - every diode flashes in a solid warning or amber color
  • Low Diode Split Arrow option illuminates every other diode each module along the length of the lightbar
  • Designed with exclusive Fusion Technology Optics designed much like a lighthouse to boost the light farther and wider for a bright, safe warning signal
  • Standard with LED Alley and Take Down/Work Lights
  • Lightbars are built with high bin, super bright Gen3 LEDs for powerful output and consistent color
    - Inboard modules have 6 LEDs (except high diode split rear arrow modules mentioned above)
    - Corner Modules have 12 LEDs
    - Take Down/Work Light modules have 6 LEDs
    - Alley lights feature a high powered, multi-LED chip
  • Inboard module length is 6.3 inches
  • 5-year No Hassle Warranty
  • Available in Low Profile Fixed Height mount in Blue or Red LED color

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