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Safariland Model 65 SAFARI-LAMINATE Belt Keeper

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Standard 3/4" or 2" Belt Keeper

Proven durability. Lasting good looks. And a perfect fit.

  • Standard 3/4" or 2" belt keeper
  • Chrome or brass snap
  • Sold individually or in 4-Pack
  • Design matches all 2"-2.25" duty belts

Safariland’s original and most extensive collection of holsters and accessories Law enforcement professionals recognize SAFARI-LAMINATE as the hallmark of the modern Safariland line. Each piece is molded to the shape of the weapons or accessories it is made to carry, then heat laminated with a durable, attractive SAFARI-LAMINATE finish.

Maintenance is almost too easy. SAFARI-LAMINATE will not absorb water or sweat, so it keeps its shape and secure fit no matter how many times it gets wet. It dries quickly and cleans with just mild soap and water. A little ArmorAll Protectant keeps your holster or gear pouches looking new on the outside. While a soft Safari-Suede™ liner absorbs excess oils or lubricants, and protects the finish of your guns and gear on the inside.

No matter which finish you choose, you’ll enjoy long-lasting security for your weapon and critical equipment, more comfort during long, slow shifts…and reliability during high-speed operations. You can depend on SAFARI-LAMINATE to fit your gear…as well as your style.

Complete your Duty Gear with genuine SAFARI-LAMINATE™ products

SAFARI-LAMINATE™ holsters and duty belts will also match similarly finished Safariland SUPER DUTY™ belts and accessories.

Plain Black

 Style 1 3/4", Chrome Snap
 Style 2 3/4", Brass Snap
 Style 3  3/4", Chrome Snap, 4-Pack
 Style 4 2", Chrome Snap
 Style 5 2", Brass Snap
 Style 6  2", Chrome Snap, 4-Pack
 Style 7  2", Brass Snap, 4-Pack

Basket Weave

 Style 8 3/4", Chrome Snap
 Style 9 3/4", Brass Snap
 Style 10 3/4", Chrome Snap, 4-Pack
 Style 11 3/4", Brass Snap, 4-Pack
 Style 12 2", Chrome Snap
 Style 13 2", Brass Snap
 Style 14 2", Chrome Snap, 4-Pack
 Style 15 2", Brass Snap, 4-Pack

Hi Gloss

 Style 16 3/4", Chrome Snap
 Style 17 3/4", Brass Snap
 Style 18 3/4", Chrome Snap, 4-Pack
 Style 19 3/4", Brass Snap, 4-Pack
 Style 20 2", Chrome Snap
 Style 21 2", Brass Snap
 Style 22 2", Chrome Snap, 4-Pack
 Style 23 2", Brass Snap, 4-Pack

STX Tactical

 Style 24 3/4", Brass Snap
 Style 25  3/4", Brass Snap, 4-Pack
 Style 26 2", Brass Snap
 Style 27 2", Brass Snap, 4-Pack

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