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Safariland Model 6002 SLS Sentry & Hood Guard Combination, Parts Only -- for Retrofit or Repair

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Adding both SLS options makes security even higher.

This combination of Self Locking System options results in maximum security for your weapon, with minimal effect on your ability to use it.

The SLS Sentry is a simple bolt-on accessory that adds an additional level of security to any SLS duty holster. Since the operator’s thumb falls naturally onto the lever, using the Sentry adds only two-tenths of a second to the draw, on average. Yet it will convert a Safariland Level II Retention™ holster such as a 6270 or 6275 to Level III Retention™, or raise a 6070 or 6075 Level III holster to Level IV Retention™.

The SLS Hood Guard provides added protection to the rotating hood, yet still allows a fast, positive draw and reholster—without adding movements or changing the natural motion of the operator’s hand. The Hood Guard not only makes it difficult for someone trying to grab your weapon, it can prevent objects from hitting the SLS hood, providing extra security when rappelling or crawling, and keeping your vest and outer clothing from interfering with your draw. It bolts onto all SLS holsters in just minutes, using the same attachment screws as the Sentry.

  • Designed for retrofit onto any existing SLS holster
  • Provides more protection against grabs; with no moving parts
  • SLS Sentry adds an additional level of security. With practice it adds just two tenths of a second to the draw.
  • Sentry/Hood Guard combination work together for maximum protection
  • Converts 6270, 6275, to Level III Retention
  • Converts 6070, 6075 to Level IV Retention

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