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Safariland Model 306 SAFARI-LAMINATE Mini Tactical Flashlight Carrier

$25.59 - $32.99
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Proven durability. Lasting good looks. And a perfect fit.

Safariland’s original and most extensive collection of holsters and accessories Law enforcement professionals recognize SAFARI-LAMINATE as the hallmark of the modern Safariland line. Each piece is molded to the shape of the weapons or accessories it is made to carry, then heat laminated with a durable, attractive SAFARI-LAMINATE finish.

Maintenance is almost too easy. SAFARI-LAMINATE will not absorb water or sweat, so it keeps its shape and secure fit no matter how many times it gets wet. It dries quickly and cleans with just mild soap and water. A little ArmorAll Protectant keeps your holster or gear pouches looking new on the outside. While a soft Safari-Suede™ liner absorbs excess oils or lubricants, and protects the finish of your guns and gear on the inside.

No matter which finish you choose, you’ll enjoy long-lasting security for your weapon and critical equipment, more comfort during long, slow shifts…and reliability during high-speed operations. You can depend on SAFARI-LAMINATE to fit your gear…as well as your style.

  • Half-sheath style holder for selected mini flashlights
  • Fits belts up to 2.25"

Complete your Duty Gear with genuine

  1. Magazine Holders- Open and closed-top models for vertical or horizontal carry.
  2. Belt Keepers- Fits all 2.25" duty belts.
  3. Baton Holders- Fitted sleeves or lightweight ring-style holders, designed for expandable and fixed-length batons.
  4. Radio Carriers- Styles for most portable police radios.
  5. Handcuff Pouches/Straps- A range of models for chain or hinged cuffs.
  6. Holsters- Advanced designs to keep your weapon secure, yet always available.
  7. OC Spray Holders- Keep your chemical deterrents secure and instantly accessible.
  8. Duty Belts - A wide selection of styles to fit your waist, your taste, and all of your gear. Won't sag with the weight of your weapon and other equipment.
  9. Key Holders (not shown)- Make sure your keys stay secure.
  10. Flashlight Holders (not shown)- Choose a favorite style to fit your flashlight.
  11. Pager Carrier (not shown)- Easy-on metal clip attachment, fits 2"-2.25" duty belts.
  12. Light/Taser Holders (not shown)- Holds weapon mount lights or Taser cartridges.
  13. Glove Pouches (not shown)- Holds up to three pairs of gloves.
  14. Cassette Recorder Pouches (not shown)- Record right from your belt, with just a touch.
  15. Speedloader Holders (not shown)- Low profile, innovative designs for quick and easy single-action draw.
SAFARI-LAMINATE™ holsters and duty belts will also match similarly finished Safariland SUPER DUTY™ belts and accessories.

All SAFARILAND® Duty Gear is designed to protect your investment with outstanding durability and appearance year-in and year-out.

Sizing Chart for Plain Black
Size 1Fits Streamlight Stinger Flashlights
Size 2Fits Streamlight Scorpion Flashlight
Size 3 Fits Laser Surefire 3 volt, 6P, 3R Flashlights.
Size 4 Fits Laser Surefire 6 volt, 9P, 6R Flashlights.
Size 5 Fits Streamlight Stinger with Poly Grip

Sizing Chart for Basket Weave
Size 6 Fits Streamlight Stinger Flashlights
Size 7 Fits Streamlight Scorpion Flashlight
Size 8 Fits Laser Surefire 3 volt, 6P, 3R Flashlights.
Size 9 Fits Laser Surefire 6 volt, 9P, 6R Flashlights.
Size 10 Fits Streamlight Stinger with Poly Grip

Sizing Chart for Hi-Gloss
Size 11 Fits Streamlight Stinger Flashlights
Size 12 Fits Streamlight Scorpion Flashlight
Size 13 Fits Laser Surefire 3 volt, 6P, 3R Flashlights.
Size 14 Fits Laser Surefire 6 volt, 9P, 6R Flashlights.
Size 15 Fits Streamlight Stinger with Poly Grip

Sizing Chart for STX TAC

Size 16 Fits Streamlight Stinger Flashlights
Size 17 Fits Streamlight Strion Flashlights

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"Hello. I trying to find a compatible holster for my new TASER StrikeLight. The dimensions are as follows: length: 8.2"", height: 1.4"", weight: 9.5 oz. Can you please tell me what size safariland holster would BEST fit this? Or maybe you can suggest a different brand or model holster that would fit the StrikeLight dimensions? Thank you!"

These are probably the best options to look at in Safariland products, although I am not sure that either will really fill the need. The second product is actually an OC spray carrier but may work for you. http://www.safariland.com/DutyGear/product.aspx?pid=306 http://www.safariland.com/DutyGear/product.aspx?pid=38 I think the best option would be to find a general purpose nylon pouch that fits the taser light.

"which size would be best for a stream light HL3? would there be any problems with this light/holster combo? if so are there any other nylon open top flashlight holsters that would fit?"

The three open top holders we have that fit the Protac HL 3 the best are as follows: 5574-1 & 5575-1, both made by Boston Leather and also consider BIA-81314 by Bianchi. The light itself comes with a nylyon holster, but it is closed-top.

"will this holder work for Streamlight Protac HL3"

The Size 4 should fit the Protac HL3.

"Will this fit the Strion LED?"

Size 2 will work for the Strion LED.

"What holster open top would work with a Surefire G2X. Need real leather, black and basket weave."

SAF-306-3-2 for plain and SAF-306-3-4 for basket weave.