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Rubber Helmet Band



Heavy duty rubber helmet band for holding common accessories on your helmet.

Fits nicely on both modern and traditional helmets.

1 1/8" wide.

Exactly as described


Works great on my helmet. I've had it about a month now and it still holds my wedges just fine

Not what I expected


I could have gotten the same product from a tire tube. I wanted something more substantial, and that is why I ordered it from here. Streamlight used to have something great, but couldn't find that one either.

Must buy


I have a flash light and a door chalk on my helmet, it holds perfectly

Great for price


Great product, looks great on Leather Helmets and fits well. Low profile and easy to use.

Great, Durable product!!!


Great product. Durable and won't break apart like tire inner tubes. Resists heat well. Stays tight on the helmet and wont slip off. Great for holding your forcible entry tools like door stops and cutting board pieces.

Best helmet band


This product in my opinion is by far the best of its type. Other brands my look beefier but this band stands up better to the heat and does not tear as easy. I've used them all and I have gone back to this one every time.

really like this product


on the helmet to hold door stops and other stuff I might need!!!!!!!!!

Good inexpensive helmet band


Great inexpensive band. Helps me to keep some of those critical items easily accessible.

Wish the Band was more black


I wish the band was more black, mine has a lot of white powdery stuff on it.


"will the underwater kinetics 4aa class 1 div. 2 flashlight fit on this bannd. does the band have a whole on sides for light"

There are HOLES in this band, they are round, and the underwater Kinetics light appears to be a oval (egg shape) but I think it will work, it will be a tight fit.

"How good does this product stay on on a regular Bullard helmet."

Chad, It goes around the helmet, there is no other way for you to do this, maybe were missing something here when you say a regular Bullard helmet. It's the same way it is on the helmet in the picture on the web page. We don't know any other way to answer this for you.

"Do I have to remove my shield/front to use this product? I have a Ben II, and my front has the additional metal bracket that keeps the front from catching on anything. Thx. Chris."

Chris, it would be a good idea, you should install the rubber strap so it goes under the front, you don't want it covering part of your front, once you have done this you can reattach your front.

"What sizes does the hat come in?"

Are you asking for info on the rubber helmet strap/band, if so they fit all the helmets, the helmets all have a adjustable ratchet in them, sizing doesn't matter