Rocky AlphaForce 8" Side Zipper with Xtremium Boot

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Durability, safety, and comfort... all of these factors were considered when Rocky® constructed AlphaForce Waterproof Zipper Composite Toe Duty Boots.

To create a durably tough exterior, Rocky used full-grain leather and 1000 denier nylon (superior strength). A side zipper allows you to easily get these boots on and off. Additionally, this Alpha Force boot has Rocky waterproof construction. Your feet stay dry. Guaranteed.

While you're on duty, Alpha Force boots keep your feet safe. They have a composite toe that meets ASTM standards for impact and compression. The boots also meet ASTM F2413-05 Electrical Hazard standards.

Although these Alpha Force duty boots have a tough exterior, the Air-Port™ cushion footbed supports and cushions your feet each time you take a step. It also circulates air within these boots.

The RigiTrac™ outsole won't leave marks, and its slip-resistance helps you keep your balance while on duty.

With all of these great features, this Rocky Alpha Force is the right duty boot for you!

  • ASTM Approved Xtremium Toe 
  • Black Airport Footbed Provided Support and Cushioning 
  • Full-Grain Water-Resistant Leather and Lightweight 1000 Denier Nylon 
  • Guaranteed ROCKY Waterproof Construction 
  • Oil and Slip-Resistant RigiTrac Molded EVA 
  • Rubber Outsole is Non-Marking, Non-Metallic Stabilizer

For Women's sizes, Rocky recommends ordering a size and a half smaller

Dependable, well-built boots


I first decided to buy Rocky station boots because I liked my Rocky hunting boots. Used to buy Magnum boots but one year they decided to go with a smaller zipper that broke within a week. JUNK! I'll never buy Magnum boots again! Now I'm buying my second pair of Rocky station boots after about 3-4 years of heavy use! Definitely get the Xtremium toe, unless you wanna gamble with your toes. I'll be back for another pair in another 3-4 years.

like your walking on air


absolutely love these boots. i was skeptical at first but when i received them in the mail after only 5 days I wasn't complaining. these boots are comfortable and rugged with a aggressive new age look to them. they are insulated but breathable at the same time somehow and it blows my mind. been wearing them everyday and haven't found anything wrong with them yet. if i do ill post it

Good boots at a good price


Before these boots are lightweight and incredibly comfortable. The zipper on the side has large teeth that I am confident will hold up for zipping and unzipping day in and day out for a while. I used to spend up to $300 every two years for boots that I could resole and hope that they would last forever, but those boots never lasted as long as I would have wanted for the price I was paying and they were always heavy. I just bought my first pay of Rockies at under $100, at that price I only really need them to last a year, but we will see. So far I love how comfortable they are and I'm quite confident they will last as long as I need them to, possibly longer. I only rated these boots at four stars (instead of five) for two reasons: 1. There is not a loop or tab on the back to grab to help pull these boots on when you're in a hurry. This means you are having to grab the flap used to cover the top of the zipper, and risk damaging it. 2. Everytime I pull off these boots my socks are soaked. It doesn't matter if I just finished washing a truck or if I was just sitting in a recliner. My feet don't normally sweat a lot, and I never had this problem with other boots. Not a huge deal in the station, I just change my socks a couple of times a day.

Nice looking boot. Feels good


Use them for duty boots around the station, trainings and medical calls. Lightweight a little snug, but way better than my old bates.

Boot great laces not so much.


Boots were on back order. Then when they arrived one of the laces broke when I first ties them. The Firestore could not get laces for the boots. They wanted me to return the boots but since they had already been placed in service there was no returning them. After some lengthy discussion over about 2 days they replaced the laces with a pair from a different manufacturer because they were not able to get rocky laces. Other then that boots for great but don't breathe that well.

Width not as advertised


Size was not as advertised, wide was very narrow.

Not the worst boot. Not the best.


I got these boots after my 5.11s finally wore out after 3 years of wear and tear in Central New York. When they arrived they were great boots, they broke in quickly, were comfortable to spend my shift in. After some use I noticed on the back of both boots the soles were starting to become detached from the boot itself, along with that the laces tore and rocky was not able to replace them. The boots work well in the snow, sleet and slush of CNY but aside from that were terrible to wear in the summer. The boots do not breath at all, I have never had a problem with foot sweat/odor before and as soon as I started to wear these boots I did. All in all decent boots but I will not be purchasing them again.

Good boot, Comfortable


I have had 4 pairs of these boots. The first pair i ordered were the 2173. Those were extremely uncomfortable until i broke them in, 2 weeks later, after that they were great. in the descriptions they seem like the same boot. But the 6173 is actually different in comfort, it is comfortable from the minute you put it on. With this boot if you make the mistake of grabbing the zipper cover, it will probably tear off. there is no loop to grab to help put them on. the heel on the inside tends to rub through, which makes them uncomfortable. i have had the sole crack through on two of the 4 pairs i owned. on the toe the leather tends to get ""chewed up"" making them difficult to make them dressy. My EMT partner has the same boots and his boots wore in the same places. I would say this boot lasts about 8 monthes of everyday use. I am trying to explain all the things i found with these boots. For 8 monthes they are a great boot. and also remember to order the right model of the boot 6173 or you might have some achy feet for 2 weeks. I would say for the money they are good, but they probably won't last more than a year. they do not breath well, but they are definitely water resistant/proof. I have sprayed them directly with a hose, getting mud and blood off of them and my feet stayed dry. I live and work in Arizona, so i definitely get some sweaty feet from these boots. They are light weight, comfortable and worth the money. They just have a few flaws.