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PopShield Ballistic Shield

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A New Method of Ballistic Protection

In moments of dangerous chaos, with a 200+ heart rate, and the fear of being shot, judgement is often diminished out of the natural instinct to react for self preservation. PopShield users, knowing they have better protection and less likelihood of pain, injury or death, have the confidence to safely deploy more restraint to assess the true situation.

A few more seconds afforded by better protection can help prevent mistakes and allows for deescalation.

28 layers of custom woven American DuPont Aramid Fiber (Kevlar®). Protection you won’t leave behind in your vehicle.
  • NIJ IIIA Certified Ballistic Shield
  • 100% American DuPont™ Aramid Fiber.
  • Patented compact design.
  • High quality grip handle with instant release trigger.
  • Deploys in less than a second.
  • Secondary backup clip release on each side.
  • Weighing only 5 pounds, it is easily gripped in one hand
  • Lightweight
  • Highly Maneuverable
  • Discrete
  • Circumstances Adaptable
  • 3 Times More Protection
  • Protects Head, Face, Arms, Torso
  • Eliminates Bullet To Body Contact
  • Reduces Fear
  • Improves Confidence
  • Standard Four Panel: 5.2 lbs
  • Extra Long Five Panel: 6.2 lbs
Package Contains:
  • 1 PopShield
  • Soft Carry Bag
  • NIJ IIIA Certified Test Results

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