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Paulson Rectangular Body Shields

$185.59 - $296.59
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When riot situations get out of control, protect yourself with a Paulson Rectangular Body Shield.

Fabricated from the highest quality Lexan polycarbonate, these shields provide a superior optical view with hardly any parallax distortion. They serve as a strong, protective barrier against impact, fragments, corrosive chemicals, bodily fluids, and electric shock hazards. Their high density foam strip is a cushion of reinforcement for the user in riot conditions and provides extra protection for the hands, knuckles, and forearms.

The heavy nylon strap assembly uses a VELCRO® brand closure so it can be quickly ripped off to release the user if necessary. The strap attaches securely to the shield and is wide enough to give a tight and comfortable fit to the forearm. The handles and straps are reversible for right or left handed use.

Protective Convex Shield:

  • Fabricated from the highest quality Lexan polycarbonate
  • Provides a superior optical view with hardly any parallax distortion
  • Protects against impact from blunt objects and fragments
  • Sophisticated machining and tempering process eliminates the need for edge protection
  • A high level of chemical resistance offers protection from corrosive chemicals and bodily fluids
  • Dialectric materials in the shield and handles protect the operator against electric shock hazards
  • UV-Blockers avoid early aging or coloring of the shield material

Ergonomic Handles

  • Dielectric handle material prevents electrical pass through
  • Sturdy metal insert increases handle strength
  • Oversized washers provide a strong, secure attachment to the shield

Identify Yourself with one of these very visible Shield ID Labels:


Choose a shield size to best fit your needs. All shields are available blank or with one of the ID Labels listed above.

BS-120" x 36" x .125"5 lbs.
BS-220" x 36" x .150"6 lbs.
BS-324" x 48" x .150"8-1/2 lbs.
BS-924" x 48" x .250"14 lbs.

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