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Paulson Capture Shields

$181.39 - $296.59
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Capture shields are primarily for use in correctional facilities and riot situations for cell extraction, capture, and detainment or separating a suspect from a crowd.

With its concave outer surface, these oversized shields are designed to "pin" a person to the ground or against a wall, incapacitating them until you can control the situation. The extra length of the shield is designed for full body containment. The shield has two heavy duty oversized handles that allow for a two-person capture if needed—one person on each handle for extra control. A high density foam strip is a cushion of reinforcement for the user in riot conditions and provides extra protection for the hands, knuckles, and forearms.

Concave Shield

  • Fabricated from the highest quality Lexan polycarbonate
  • Provides a superior optical view with hardly any parallax distortion
  • Protects against impact from blunt objects and fragments
  • Sophisticated machining and tempering process eliminates the need for edge protection
  • A high level of chemical resistance offers protection from corrosive chemicals and bodily fluids
  • Dialectric materials in the shield and handles protect the operator against electric shock hazards
  • UV-Blockers avoid early aging or coloring of the shield material

Ergonomic Handles

  • Two sturdy ergonomic alloy engineered handles allow the end user to double up for a two person capture and hold if necessary
  • Dielectric handle material prevents electrical pass through
  • Sturdy metal insert increases handle strength
  • Oversized washers provide a strong, secure attachment to the shield

Identify Yourself with one of these very visible Shield ID Labels:


Choose a shield size to best fit your needs. All shields are available blank or with one of the ID Labels listed above.

BS-424" x 48" x .150"7 lbs.
BS-520" x 36" x .250"10 lbs.
BS-820" x 36" x .150"6 lbs.

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