NarCase V2 Naloxone Case with Nylon Holster and Clip

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NarCase® V2 is designed to hold the new 4mg nasal only variation of Naloxone First responders are carrying on the streets.

NarCase® V2 is a rugged plastic case that protects your medicine from the elements in a crush resistant box, while holstered in a rugged nylon holster. The medicine slides in securely, in its original packaging, and snaps shut. Thumb/finger release to open.
The holster is made of the same material the original V1 NarCase combo and has a sturdy metal clip to secure onto duty belts.

NarCase® is the only device specifically designed to securely carry and protect nasal administered opioid reversal agents / medicines to aid first responders in potentially saving the life of a person in need. Being able to carry the life saving medicine, holstered in a secure container, while being able to safely deploy ON SCENE, without having to leave the patient is of utmost importance.

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