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LION American Classic

$453.39 - $569.39
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The American Classic fire helmet combines the looks of a traditional helmet with the lighter weight and high-performance protection of its modern-style counterparts.

TherMax technology keeps heads cooler 
The American Classic is lightweight but tough. It employs TherMax composite technology. This technology is analogous to the heat-reflecting tiles NASA uses on the space shuttle. Like those tiles, it reflects heat without significantly adding weight.

The American Classic weighs just a few ounces more than most of its non-traditional, modern-style cousins. Now you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style.

Color molded into shell 
Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) technology provides color pigmentation throughout the shell for lasting good looks.

Unique size and fit adjustment options 
A complete system of adjustments provides maximum comfort and a custom fit. The patented Center of Gravity adjustment system allows you to adjust the center of gravity to your preference and keeps it there. The ratcheting headband easily adjusts from size 5 1/2 to 9 1/2 and there are three positions for height adjustment.

The American Classic's headband is cushioned with foam and covered with Nomex for additional comfort. With the American Classic, you're fighting the fire, not your helmet.

  • Chinstrap: easy to adjust, quick-release chinstrap with postman's slide. 
  • Earlaps: Black Nomex/flannel earlaps for added neck/ear protection. 
  • 2" x 2" lime-yellow 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material has superior heat resistance and delivers higher performance than competitive reflective material.
  • Low Profile Carved Eagle front holder

How to Fit and Adjust LION Helmets: 
Fire helmets are essential to firefighter safety. Improper fit, whether too loose or too tight, can cause fatigue, discomfort, and even serious injury. Lion Helmets’ 9-point adjustment system provides optimum comfort and a customized fit. Straight out of the box, Lion Helmets will fit most firefighters with a simple ratchet adjustment (accommodates sizes 5.5 to 9.5).

Lion's patented Center of Gravity™ adjustment system allows firefighters to adjust the Center of Gravity™ to their preferred balance and keeps it there. You can't be at every department at all times, therefore Lion has developed a fit and adjustment video so firefighters can make the proper adjustments to their helmets.  

  • Bourkes (Bourkes alone do not meet NFPA requirements for eye protection)
  • Goggles (ESS Goggles)
  • 4" Faceshield
  • Goggles & Bourkes 


Great Helmet. Great fit. Looks good.


Great looking helmet. It fits comfortably and the weight is good. Center of gravity strap could be tighter.

Paul Conway for life!


I've used Paul Conway helmets for years. Cairns are nice and all but the profile and feel of a Paul Conway cannot be matched. My only dislike is the newer helmets seem to be heavier than the ones from years ago. I will still buy them though!!!

Decent Helmet


Good helmet! Looks great, feels great. Easy to adjust to your head shape. It is pretty heavy.

Best helmet upgrade


We finally upgraded to a traditional helmet from the bullard LX to the Paul Conway American Classic and what a difference. A well balanced and strong helmet for a low price you can not beat. Not to mention a huge comfort change.

Top of the line helmet!


I have used other helmets before I heard about the Paul Conways, but nothing can match this helmet! One thing that I really like about this helmet is the ability to customize the size and fit! This helmet feels great while preforming FFPFT's

all show and no go


Our dept switched us all over to these from the old cairns 600 series helmets. We all wish we never changed; but FDNY had these cool looking old school black helmets so of course we followed suit. The center of gravity is too high, so when you tilt your head side to side the helmet wants to fall off if your chin strap is not super tight. It feels like the weight of the helmet is sitting elevated above your head. We have all had to PL the rubber bumper back on around the edge of the helmet. It is falling off a good 70% of them. And talk about weight, the cairns were so lights and fit soo well, these helmets are heavy after an hour or so your just dieing to take them off. I would not recommend this helmet. Hopefully we all switch to the euro style one day. If any of you read up on the health and safety conference in NY last year or attended it you'll know your not protected in helmets like these compared to the euro ones.

Ok Helmet


I use this helmet every shift. It is a good helmet. It is heavy, but comfortable. I have recommended this helmet to my crew, and 2 of them have made the purchase. The only bad thing I have to say is that the ratcheting head strap is broken on 2 out of the three in my house. They will still tighten up, but lossen after a little bit of wearing it. A replacement is costly. My next helmet I might try something else.

Great and perfect helment


This is a great helmet for anyone, the only drawback was the weight of the helmet, but you will get used to it

Patience was the key


Once I got a non-defective one, it is great!

Comfortable helmet


Very comfortable and fits much more securely than my previous helmet. I also like that it sits lower on my head than a Cairns. A little on the heavy side, but you get used to it after awhile.

Helmet purchase


The delivery time is extremely slow. Order on December 4, 2014. Was sent an email stating the longest it would take would be 3-4 weeks. I've waited about 7 1/2 weeks and it hasn't even been processed in the factory. This is unacceptable.



The product is very heavy but a very durable piece of equipment


"what NFPA standards does this helmet meet? is it at least NFPA 1971 certified"

Yes it meets this standard (1971) latest edition, there will be a new edition sometime early 2013, but it will still be NFPA 1971 edtion 2013

"Is this compliant with NFPA"

No it isn't ""Flip-down eyeshields are OSHA approved only (when that is only eye protection on helmet)"". If you add a pair of the ESS goggles that are NFPA aproved to the helmet along with your flip downs it will meet the NFPA standard.

"If I get this helmet with the ESS Goggles+Bourkes, will I be able to remove the ESS Goggles without the helmet having any open holes or screws sticking out?"

You will have the snaps that the goggles snap on to still in place, if you remove the snaps then you will have holes.

"Are the goggles removable?"

yes they are removeable, with a phillips and i believe 5/16"" wrench you can take them off to remove/replace

"Does the helmet come with the proper NFPA stickering showing that it is approved by the NFPA if you have purchased the flip downs as well as the ESS goggles? I ask because my cowokers helmet did not come with the proper stickers and the TCFP won't let him use the helmet."

All helmets that come out of MSA/Cairns, Morning Pride, Paul Conway, Bullard if they are NFPA they will have this information with the helmets, now if you purchase a helmet with just the Bourke flip downs you will not get any NFPA certifications. If your freind has a helmet without that call where he purchased the helmet and ask why he didn't get that.

"I had neck surgery and my Dr. recommended a lightweight helmet. How much does it weigh?"

4lbs 5oz

"I have a question i got a new paul conway american classic for christmas ive only had it in service a little over a month now i noticed as i was doing my gear inspection that one of my porkes was cracked in half, now ive only been in two structers with this new helmet, i was wanting to know is there a worenty or anything or should i just order new ones? thank you Lt Hall FTFD"


"Does the interior ratchet/headband come leather or cloth padded?"

Padded Ratchet Black Knit Headband

"if i buy it and in a couple years i need a different color do i need to buy a whole new one?"

This is what we know about this helmet; Color molded into shell Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) technology provides color pigmentation throughout the shell for lasting good looks. What this means is your helmet, no matter what color it is the color runs through out the helmet, you drop it and it chips the chip will be the color of the helmet, you won't notice the chip unless you are looking for it. Other helmets will have a white mark where it was chipped and will be noticeable. If you want to paint it another color down the road after awhile it's up to you, after 5 years of service most manufactures recommend you go to a new helmet anyway.

"Does this helmet come in matte black? I would pay extra for the custom paint I just really dont like the glossy look to it"

Dave, The helmets are not available in a matte finish, only glossy.

"Does this helmet come with the front shield out of the box"

If your referring to the leather front no it does not, they have to be ordered for each helmet, you wouldn't want a front that wasn't designed or built for you, would you?

"How do I put on the front shield once I order and recieve one?"

With the 2 screws that come with the helmet, you use them to attach the front to the bracket that comes with the helmet!

"what is a bourke?"

bourkes are the flip down eye shields u see on the helmets insome of the pictures

"I currently have a Cairns 880...does this helmet sit as low as that helmet?"

Elmer, are you asking if the American Classic sits as low as your 880? Your not very clear on which is which, a MSA/Cairns helmet sits as low as any helmet out there, every thing depends on how you adjust your helmet to be comfortable on your head.

"Im trying to get the shield from the custom section here on the website, but I don't know what is the helmet model?"

Hi Fred, you will have to tell us the manufacturer that made your helmet, i. e. Cairns/MSA, (1010, 1044, N5A NY, N6A Sam Houston, 880, or 660) all Cairns, Honeywell (Ben II), Bullard (UST6), etc. this is must information, or you won't be able to order a front. If you look inside of your helmet there should be several stickers in there they should tell you something.

"Does This style of helment come in a defender or ez flip style. and what is the weight of the helments"

as our web page states this is how this helmet comes from the vendor; you can find this at the bottom of that page. Bourkes (Bourkes alone do not meet NFPA requirements for eye protection) Goggles (ESS Goggles) 4"" Faceshield Goggles & Bourkes (not NFPA) Eye Protection Combinations (Goggles with the Bourke eyeshield): Effective 8/30/2013 Conway/Lion helmets manufactured with Goggle & Bourke combinations will no longer come with an NFPA sticker as this combination does not meet the 2013 NFPA standard. the ""defender"" is a MSA/Cairns helmet option, and will not work on a Paul Conway/Lion helmets.

"Hello. I'd like to order the helmet with bourkes and goggles, but want the low profile eagle like in the face shield model. Is that a possibility? Thanks."

Andrew we don't see anything that says you can't get this helmet the way you want to.

"Hi, I am interested in buying a Paul Conway Model American Classic, I live in Israel and want to know the price of shipping, thanks."

Hi. From the cart page, select ""International Shipping."" You'll go to a page that will give you a freight quote based on your address.

"what tempature requirements does it meet"

All helmets that have a NFPA stickler on them must meet the same test, they must be able to with stand a 5 minute 500 degree temperature in a oven, certified by a third party testing.

"Is the protective shield removable ? May I order it by separately ?"

Francisco, we are not sure by what you are calling the ""protective shield"" you are going to have to be clearer, such as the 4"" face shield eye protection, or are you talking about the 6"" front shield. Get back to us and we will help you out.