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Liberty Artworks Federal Brass Stamped Helmet Eagle

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Federal Brass Stamped Helmet Eagle, Polished To A Bright Luster.

This eagle fits Morning Pride Ben 1, Ben 2, Ben 2 Plus and Cairns Leathers. May require helmet drilling.

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"Will this fit the Phenix TL-2?"

It will not fit a Phenix, helmet, thats not saying someone could make some adjustments to make it work, but no it was made to fit the Phenx helmets.

"Will this fit the Cairns 1010? I see it says it will but is that only with drilling?"

Courtney, your asking if this will fit a 1010 helmet, but if you look at the Liberty Artworks web page it says BEN, Ben II's and Cairns Leathers, the 1010 is not a leather helmet. you might want to look at the 018 or the 026 and see if that's what you want.

"will this fit a N5A New Yorker?"

Jamie from our web site the following; This eagle fits Morning Pride Ben 1, Ben 2, Ben 2 Plus and CAIRNS LEATHER, MAY REQUIRE HELMET DRILLING.

"Will this fit the morning pride EV1 as a direct replacement of the plated front holder without and modification to helmet?"

All of the Ben II models use the same part number for the plated golden eagle, and it also includes the EV-1 helmet, having traced all of this, it looks like this will work on the EV-1, there is a chance you might have to drill your helmet to make this a better fit.

"Will this Holder work better then the Morning Pride Ben 2 stock holder?"

Taco, we will say it is just as good, the decision is totally up to you, but note that it does say you may need to drill holes in your helmet.

"Did it work on the EV1?"

They should be interchangeable for the Ben II and the EV-1