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Leatherhead Tools 36" Sledge, Fiberglass Handle

$66.99 - $81.39
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Drop-Forged High Carbon Steel Heads. For crushing power when you need it.

Leatherhead makes its sledges from top grade, 100% American made high-carbon steel that's formulated and forged to hold its shape, impact after crushing impact. They're designed by active firefighters to deliver maximum service life…under the toughest conditions imaginable. Every inch, every ounce, was made in the U.S.A. by Leatherhead Tools—with the American firefighter firmly in mind. Ideal for ventilation, forcible entry, or overhaul, these are tools that you'll want to carry—and keep—for many years of hard use. 

  • These rugged sledges are ideal for ventilation, forcible entry or overhaul
  • Sledge heads are drop forged of high carbon steel and bonded to the fiberglass handle with strong two part epoxy
  • Sledges are available in 8, 10, or 12 lb. weights.
  • 36" Hi-Viz handles are constructed of solid pultruded Hi-Viz Orange or Lime fiberglass with a heavy duty polyurethane strike guard and non-slip rubber grip end
  • Yellow fawn's foot handle is constructed of a strong, pultruded fiberglass core with an injection molded, textured polyurethane jacket for added strength and a secure grip
  • Fiberglass handles won't splinter like wood and do not weaken with age
  • Available with or without Halligan Marrying Bracket

Hi-Viz fiberglass handles. Made to use—and not lose. Leatherhead Sledges are not only efficient tools, they're made to be seen under the most difficult conditions. Their Hi-Viz fluorescent fiberglass handles give excellent strength and control, plus unsurpassed visibility, with less weight. The solid, linear layered fiberglass shaft has a very controllable flattened cross section that's easy to swing, and far tougher than traditional wooden handles. They won't splinter like wood, or weaken with age and continued use. The grippy rubber handle provides both shock absorption and an exceptionally firm grip, wet or dry, hot or cold. Even when your gloves are wet. And its brilliant colors can't wear off, because the pigment is molded right into the fiberglass as the handles are pultruded in Leatherhead Tools' own manufacturing facility in Rockford, Illinois. Reflective bands beneath the polypropylene handle guard make them quickly visible under a flashlight beam, even when it's completely dark. 

Prefer a traditional handle? These aren't just brighter, they're better. Leatherhead also offers their sledges with a bright yellow fawn's foot handle that offers the familiar feel and positive orientation of a wooden handle, but without the higher chance of its breaking or burning. A bright yellow, textured polyurethane is molded over a solid fiberglass core to provide a traditionally-shaped grip that's virtually unbreakable and highly visible. Plus its stippled surface assures a firm grip, even in gloved hands. 

Choose Sledge Hammer with 8, 10, or 12 lb. head; and a 36" fiberglass handle in HiViz Lime, HiViz, Orange, or Standard Yellow, with or without Halligan Marrying Bracket​. 

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