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LaserMax Internal Laser Sights for Glock Pistols

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Internal Laser Sights for Glock Pistols

Fits Glock Models*
 Item 1  Glock 19, 23, 32, 38
 Item 2  Glock 17, 22 31, 37
 Item 3  Glock 17L, 24, 34, 35
 Item 4  Glock 20, 21
 Item 5  Glock 20, 21 with Finger Groove/Rail Systems**
 Item 6  Glock 26, 27, 33
 Item 7  Glock 39
 Item 8  Glock 36
 Item 9  Glock 29, 30

** A small number of units may require custom alignment due to Glock factory tolerances on handgun receiver.

Everyone knows what the pulsating red dot means. No matter what language he speaks, the assailant knows he's targeted. And the good guys know you’ve got him covered. When you turn on that pulsing red light, the whole situation changes. While shooting speed and accuracy are vastly improved, especially in low light and stress fire situations, users often report that suspects give up their threatening behavior when they see the pulsing red dot.

LaserMax helps you control the night...

  • With the highest brightness laser commercially allowed by the FDA.
  • With a laser beam that’s more visible because it pulsates.
  • With a laser sight that’s inherently more durable and more accurate, thanks to its unique internally-mounted design.

Whether you’re protecting home and family, patrolling a beat, or defending the Homeland, a LaserMax-equipped firearm can give you the extra confidence and tactical advantage you need to succeed.

Install it yourself in 5 minutes.
If you can field-strip your gun, you can install your LaserMax sight—no gunsmithing required! In minutes you'll have a laser-sighted weapon which can be used to great advantage outdoors from dusk till dawn, or indoors round-the-clock.

No modifications. No adjustments. All that changes is your accuracy, your confidence…and your tactical advantage. The LaserMax sight is contained entirely within your firearm’s frame with no permanent modification required of your weapon. You can use the same holsters, the same rail-mounted lights and accessories, and the same techniques for drawing and re-holstering.

As rugged as the firearm…and always aligned. The installed LaserMax becomes an integral part of the pistol. It can even sustain repeated drops onto concrete. Permanently aligned from the factory for center-of-mass accuracy at 20 yards, it will never drift out of alignment. There is no need to re-zero, even after changing batteries.

Faster training. Increased safety. LaserMax also helps new shooters learn sight picture and trigger control much more quickly. Because a moving red dot lets you see muzzle movement immediately, trigger and muzzle discipline receive immediate reinforcement in both live and dry fire exercises.

Plus the unique features of the LaserMax system coincide with the widely trained Universal Cover Mode (UCM)—the LaserMax activation switch is positioned precisely where your index finger should be placed for safe operation. And your index finger can not interfere with the laser beam.

Features and Benefits:

  • Totally internal—cannot be knocked out of alignment
  • No permanent modification to gun—remove it anytime
  • No need to change holsters or give up your rail flashlight
  • Compatible with your favorite grips and accessories
  • Drops into place, replaces original recoil spring guide
  • Ambidextrous switch in custom take-down lever
  • Deliberate on/off activation—no squeezing the grip, no shaking
  • Pulsating beam for increased visibility
  • Factory aligned
  • Quality assurance includes live test firing
  • Three-year Manufacturer’s Warranty (excludes expendable parts)
  • Made in U.S.A.


  • For: GLOCK models
  • Battery Model: LMS-319
  • Accuracy (20 Yards): ±3" POA
  • Laser Operating Temperature: 15°-120° F
  • Wavelength: 635nm (red-orange)
  • Power Output: 5mW (brightest available - blinks for highest visibility)
  • Spot size: at 7 yds 5/16”, spot size at 25 yds 3/4”.
    • If any firearm has been ported, fluted or compensated either by the original manufacturer or by a gunsmith, LaserMax will NOT guarantee alignment. Custom alignment quotes for firearms may be obtained by calling LaserMax. NATO Stock No. 1005-99-500-4480 U.S. Patent Nos. 4,934,086 & 5,509,226. European Patent No. 0431097 Other worldwide patents pending.
Please Note: Expect to change your batteries once a year with typical usage. Battery operating temperature is 15°F-120°F

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