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Kidde Home Escape Ladder - Always Ready for a Fast Escape

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The National Fire Protection Association recommends one ladder in every occupied room on floors above the main level.

For occupants on the second or third floor of a house, the Kidde Escape Ladder provides a quick, secure, worry-free means of escape. It stores easily under the bed or near a window, so it's always ready and easy to use. Available in two sizes, 2-Story (13ft) and 3-Story (25ft).

  • Strong and Durable Construction
  • Attaches Quickly to Most Common Windows
  • Fast and Easy to Deploy
  • Tangle-free design
  • 15 inches wide
  • Fits over unobstructed window sills up to 11 inches thick
  • Ladder Tested to 1000 lbs.
  • Anti-Slip Rungs
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Length:
    • 2-Story Escape Ladder, 13 ft
    • 3-Story Escape Ladder, 25 ft

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this is needed


just in case of fire


"Can this be uses as a 2nd form of egress from a private roof top deck to a back stairwell about 10 feet down?"

There are 2 different models,a 2 story that is actually 13 feet long, and a 3 story that is 25 feet in length. The trick is you need to be able to secure the top of these so they do not slip off and cause you or whoever to fall.

"what is the longest rope you have, or what escape ladder you with the most stories, 3,5,10 story ladder, i am looking a 15 story ladder"

Wallace, Kidde offers 2 Home Escape Ladders, a 2 story (13'/15'), and a 3 story (25'). No mfg that we have heard of offers anything longer than this.

"Our house is two-stories. My grandson is eight years old, all bedrooms (except mine) are upstairs. I'm wondering if we do invest in a ladder of this type, is it a good idea to practice using it with him? Wouldn't be a bad idea for my son and daughter-in-law to try it, too!"

Marie, this is a great idea on your part for everyone (including you), NFPA recommends that you have a monthly home fire drill, you could make this a part of your fire drill, and remember to have a preset meeting location outside for everyone to meet at, after you exit the house accountability is a big help for the FD when they arrive. I would also talk to your local FD to see if they have any other suggestions to offer. Also check your smoke alarms; Remember Smoke Alarms do save lives, keep yours up to date, test them monthly.

"Can this ladder be used more the once? I know you recommend that you try it out once before your need to escape. Can this ladder be used more then once? I have read some of the reviews and some have said this is a one time use?"

I myself have not seen anything stating that you can only use this 1 time only, kinda defeats the idea of trying it once before you use it don't you think. Lets hope you never have the need for it, but if you follow the NFPA recommendations of practicing home fire drills, this would be a good time to show and teach everyone how to use this. Not saying you have to climb down it every time you have a home drill just show how it works and you can eye ball and feel the rope for any cuts broken threads, etc.

"how wide of an opening will the ladder work on? Our requirement would be about 19.5 inches"

Bob, this is 15"" wide, why would you need something that wide? At the bottom of our web page you will see how this is used.

"What is the weight limit for this product?"

Matthew, the manufacture is telling us that the ladders tested out at 1000 lbs. if the weigh is distributed evenly out on the rungs. A parent and a couple children could be on the ladder at the same time, as long as you're not trying to use the same rung together.

"Is the ladder re-usable? Some are not and I want to ensure that I am buying the kind I need at the correct price. Thank you in advance."

I'm not 100% sure, I would like to think that it is. We do have others by a different mfg. that are interconnected with chain, and come in 2 floor, 3 floor, 4 floor, and 5 floors. little more expensive but unless you bend the steps you can reuse them.