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Globe Men's 12" Structural Zipper Speed Lace Fire Boot, NFPA

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The most comfortable boots you will ever wear.

Globe knows physiology. When on the call, you need to be flexible in order to do your job effectively. Wearing stiff boots will hinder your job performance and make your feet ache at the end of the day. Feet are meant to bend and Globe designed this boot to help you do your job easier.

  • Certified NFPA 1971 (Structural Fire Fighting) and NFPA 1992 (Liquid Splash) compliant.
  • Feels like you are wearing an athletic sneaker
  • High flexibility material that can endure up to 1,000,000 flexes with no compromise in performance
  • Multi-layer composite puncture protection insole
  • Boots include Snug Fit Inserts to customize your comfort level
  • CROSSTECH® moisture barrier provides protection unmatched by any others
  • Composite safety toe

Heavyweight, flame-resistant and waterproof leather for durable performance. Leather has added reflective material at the heel for added nighttime visibility. Specially softened tumbled leather in high flex areas to move with you.

CROSSTECH® Footwear Fabric
CROSSTECH® moisture barrier provides protection unmatched by any others.

3M SCOTCHLITE™ Reflective Material
Flame-resistant fluorescent and reflective material for added visibility.

QuickZip Closure
Combines the advantages of a lace up for a custom fit and the convenience of a zipper.

Molded Heel Counter
A rugged heel counter is individually molded to fit each size perfectly.

LENZI® Puncture Protection
High-performance composite penetration-resistant insole is made from multiple layers of HT ceramic material - like ballistic armor for your feet. Far more flexible than a steel plate and doesn't transmit heat or cold. Exceeds NFPA standards for safety.

Composite Shank
Lighter than steel, doesn't transmit heat or cold, and springs back to shape better.

Contoured Cup Outsole
Molded outsole wraps onto the leather upper for athletic shoe performance. Flame, abrasion, oil, acid, and slip resistant compound engineered for high-traction and durability even during prolonged exposure to extremes of heat and cold. Siping lines cut into flat areas open up when flexed to provide additional traction on water and ice. Self-cleaning lugs and omni-direction tread pattern designed for superior performance in all terrains and when working on ladders.

KEVLAR®/NOMEX® Protective Shield
A protective shield of KEVLAR® and NOMEX® fiber batting protects the CROSSTECH® moisture barrier, provides cut resistance, and adds thermal protection.

Composite Safety Toe Cap
Lighter than steel, doesn't transmit heat or cold, and exceeds NFPA standards for safety.

Toe Bumper
Made from the same rugged compound as the outsole for abrasion resistance when crawling. Cemented and 2-needle stitched to the vamp.

3D Molded Footbed
Removable footbed is contoured to cradle and cushion the bottom of your foot and to provide arch support. Moisture wicking and anti-microbial fabric top layer.

Custom Fit System
Boots include removable Snug Fit Inserts to customize your comfort level.

3D Composite Lasting Board
Boot uppers are lasted to a molded and contoured lasting board with a built-in flex zone in the forefoot and a torsionally stable heel. Works together with the 3D molded footbed to conform to the shape of your foot.

Cement Construction
Contoured outsoles are cement bonded to the bottom and sides of the upper using a 2-part cross-linking adhesive that forms a bond stronger than the materials it attaches. Without stiff welts and ribbed mid-soles, this attachment process is far more flexible.


Top ten reasons your Globe structural firefighting boots beat the competition.

1. Cushioned and Contoured Platform

Globe footwear is built on an entirely new platform with every layer of the system being cushioned and contoured. The outsole is a cushioned and contoured cup sole like athletic shoes, the midsole is a 3D contoured dual-density lasting board with a built-in flex zone in the forefoot, and dual-density removable insoles are contoured to cradle and cushion the bottom of your feet. Compared to stiff Goodyear welt construction boots with their flat rubber outsole, flat midsole, and stiff ribbed insole, Globe footwear is instantly more supportive and comfortable.

2. Remarkably Flexible

Globe footwear is made with a cement construction like athletic shoes, a lasting board with a built-in flex zone in the forefoot, and a flexible LENZI® puncture resistant composite (like body armor for your feet) so that they are remarkably flexible and feel broken in right out of the box. Goodyear welt construction uses a stiff ribbed lasting board and typically a steel puncture resistant plate so that the boot doesn’t flex with your foot.

3. Better Fit

Globe Structural 14” Pull-On boots us an internal fit system including an anatomical HEELPORT™ foam insert that wraps around the top and sides of your heal with an opening to park and hold the back of heel securely. The cushioned instep holds your foot back and down into the HEELPORT™, the HEELPORT™ locks your heel in place, and because the boot is remarkably flexible there is no need for your heel to slip. Every pair of Globe footwear also comes with two sets of removable contoured and cushioned footbeds so that you can get a custom fit. Use the thicker footbed for a snugger fit and the regular footbed for a more generous fit.

4. Better Grip

Globe footwear is made from a molded outsole that wraps onto the upper for athletic shoe performance using a flame, abrasion, oil, acid, and slip resistant compound engineered for high-traction and durability. Siping lines cut into flat areas open up when flexed to provide additional traction on water and ice. Self-cleaning lugs and an aggressive, omni-directional tread pattern are designed for superior performance in all terrains and when working on ladders. And because Globe boots are remarkably flexible, you get more tread on the surface for a better grip every time.

5. Advance Composites Replace Metal Components

Globe footwear is made with advanced composite materials that are lighter than steel and don’t transmit heat or cold. Composite safety toe caps and shanks meet the highest standards of safety. And the LENZI® penetration protection is made from multiple layers of HT ceramic material like ballistic armor for your feet for superior performance and flexibility.

6. CROSSTECH® Fabric Bootie

Globe footwear is made with an inner full-height bootie using CROSSTECH® footwear fabric for performance unmatched by any other waterproof, breathable barrier. In the factory, each and every bootie is individually water-tested to insure that every pair we produce meets the highest standards of liquid-resistant integrity.

7. Extra Thermal Insulation

Although the CROSSTECH® package that we use to make the inner bootie of our Structural boots will meet the requirements of NFPA 1971 for thermal resistance by itself, we add an additional KEVLAR®/NOMEX® Protective Shield to protect the moisture barrier, provide additional cut resistance, and to substantially increase thermal resistance.

8. FIRESTORM™ Leather

We use the best heavyweight, fire-resistant, and liquid-resistant leather in the world for our Structural boots – FIRESTORM™ leather from Prime Tanning. We add reflective material to the leather at the heel for nighttime visibility and a specially softened tumbled leather in the instep flex area and the collar to move with you. Although fabric panel boots can reduce some weight, these materials need to be built up with backing fabric and glue to keep them standing up which cuts down on breathability. And nothing beats the long-term durability of premium leather in this application.

9. Wide Range of Sizes

We offer boots in Women’s sizes 5 – 10 and Men’s 5 – 15 and soon 16 and 17. With our Custom Fit System and Medium, Wide, and XWide widths, we can comfortably fit those with feet from C – EEEE widths. That’s enough sizes to fit 192 length and width combinations of feet to fit virtually everyone.

10. Made in USA

Our boots are proudly made in the USA from the best components in the world.

TFS TIPS: All Globe Boots include Snug Fit Inserts to customize your comfort level. Use this thicker insert for a snugger fit or when wearing with lighter socks.


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Amazing Boots


Picked these boots up at a different company a few months ago after checki them out at their shop. In the last few months I've put a ton of hours on these boots and they've surpassed my expectations. Most recently was a 20 hour engine ops class flowing water in the rain the whole time. My feet stayed dry and not a single blister. Wow. Only con is no grab handle to help pull them on. But the performance and athletic feel of the boot with great protection makes this an amazing boot, try em out


"hi i have an ampuetated leg below the knee i am a active vol fire fighter i cant get a regular pull up boot on i need to know if this boot would serve the same porpose ."

We aren't sure what you are refering to by a ""Pull up boot"" there's the old fire fighting rubber boot that you pull up to your hip, the rubber bunker boot, or the leather bunker boot, that are anywhere from 14"" to 16"" in height that you step into and still pull on. The one you are asking about the Globe is a pull on also but you zipper it up after you have them on. Are you useing an artfical foot to put into the boot so you can stand, I would be worried that the lenght of the foot will be able to fit inside of the boot. To answer your question I would think that if you can get this on it would work for you, if you are able to sit in front of your locker or rack where you keep your gear, this would work Hope we have been of some help for you

"I was wondering about the size. if I wear a 10.5 in my station boots, does the size match or does the boot run bigger or smaller?"

These boots are sized to fit like your favorite pair of sneakers and are true to size.

"does the Globe structural zipper speed lace boot come in 14""."

No, a 14"" boot is the height of your bunker boots

"How much does this boot weigh?"

Boot weights vary by style, size, male/female, snug insert-or not, etc. Not all boots provide the same protection as a Globe boot. The Globe boot has a thermal liner. The Haix and most others do not, so they will be lighter.Don't you want the same protection in your boots as you have in your turnouts? Then you have the chance to explain that the Globe boot does have a thermal liner. Globe boots do weigh a bit more because of the added safety features built into the boots. But the Globe boot has many features and benefits that make it a safer AND more comfortable boot. Globe boots are made with the same technology as running shoes, and truly are athletic footwear for firefighters. Just because a boot is lighter in weight does not mean it will be more comfortable than a heavier boot. NIOSH tested our cement lasted boot verse Good Year welt constructed boots to see which was better from a physiological view. In other words, which type of boot required more effort to work in (as measured by oxygen consumption). The cement lasted boot was the best tested. Globe boots deliver proven advantages in, less effort required to wear them, and added protection. I hope this helps you

"Are these as easy to use just like slip on boots, as in they aren't more cumbersome or hard to put on and use?"

I think we answered this in your 1st question

"Do these boots meet or exceed the same NFPA certifications as the Globe 10"" Quad-Certified boots?"

No,they both meet the NFPA 1992 standard but the other standards are different. Certified NFPA 1971 (Structural Fire Fighting) and NFPA 1992 (Liquid Splash) compliant. NFPA 1951 (Technical Rescue), NFPA 1977 (Wildland), NFPA 1992 (Liquid Splash), and NFPA 1999 (Emergency Medical) compliant.

"How do I decide between Narrow, Medium, Wide sizing options?"

What size shoe and width do you wear? Most men usually wear a medium or wide, you wear a 9D its a medium, a 9W is a wide, sometimes you will see the Letter ""E"" which = a wide, EE = a extra wide, and EEE = a triple wide. Go by your shoe size, if you don't know if your a medium or a wide read the inside of your shoe.

"Hello, is there any location that I would be able to try these on.? I live in Edison NJ 08820 The reason that I am asking is, I am going to have ankle fusion surgery in January and if I can't find a boot that will work with my fusion I will be forced to retire! I have 2 1/2 years to go before I have 25 years of service.. I want to retire with my head held high! I do not want to go out on a disability pension! So if I can see these boots in person and hopefully they with let me get my foot into them without any problems.. thank you for any info you can provide me with! Thank you.. Ron Shalonis IAFF Local 1197"

I'll send you an email with your sales rep contact information.

"I know the question was asked before. But what is the weight of the boot? Say for 10.5 size? I am using this boot for combat challenge and want a comfortable light NFPA 1971 boot. I have the weight of the Haix and just wanting to know the difference before I buy one or the other. Thanks"

These boots weigh between 3 - 5lbs.

"I am a vol fire fighter. I have to wear a ankle brace on my left leg due to injuries. I have not been able to get any normal pull on boot to fit over my brace. So i have just been wearing them without my brace which makes my ankle unstable. My question is does this boot open up completely when you un zip it, or is it just a pull on boot with a zipper on the outside? Its hard to tell if its going to fit over my brace without having the boot in front of me to try on."

This is a pull on boot with a zipper.