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Fire Hooks Unlimited Auto Rescue Kit



The small tools to get you in fast—together on one handy ring.

Punch out a window.
Spring-loaded brass window punch: Delivers the concentrated impact you need to break out vehicle windows quickly, easily, and safely. Deeply knurled solid brass handle provides a sure grip, even through heavy protective gloves. Just push it against the window and let the powerful spring action and hardened tip do its job…so you can get on with doing yours. Adjustable spring force for light or heavy loading. Hardened tip.

  • Seat Belt Cutter, Spring-loaded window Punch, Dent-free Trunk Key, Shove Knife for interior doors
  • Nothing fancy, no frills…just the four small extrication tools you’re most likely to use—and loose
  • Simple split rings keep these pocket-sized essentials together so you can always find them fast
  • A great, inexpensive kit for your turnout pocket, tool pouch, or extrication tool supply box
  • A perfect little gift for the firefighter or EMT on your list .Even if it’s you.
No bells, no whistles, just the basic pocket-sized extrication tools you use most…on a simple split ring.

Cut a belt.
Seat Belt Cutter: Light weight, heavy duty, super fast! Made especially for TheFireStore, this ultra-sharp, ultra-light Seat Belt Cutter quickly slices through restraining belts, webbing, clothing, etc., with virtually no chance of cutting skin. It’s simple, safe, durable, and very effective—easy to hold and use, even with heavy gloves. Can be kept on the ring, or carried separately in a pocket, gear pouch, first aid kit, or the center console of your car without a protective cover, so it’s ready for immediate use. Hardened stainless-steel blade. Approximately 4-1/2" x 1-3/4".

Pop a trunk.
Fast-access Trunk Key: This handy little tool can quickly open car trunks, tool compartments, and other automotive locks without the property damage that can be caused by heavy extrication tools. Simply insert the flat narrow end of the tool into the trunk lock and tap the opposite end of the tool with a hammer or Halligan to push the lock out. The bent end can used to spring open the latch. Just 6-½” long. It fits easily in a turnout pocket, tool pouch, or tool box, with or without the rest of the Auto Rescue Kit.

Open interior doors with ease.
6” Shove Knife:This versatile, little tool is often the quickest, easiest, and least destructive way to spring the latch on interior doors in residences or offices with simple “key in knob” locks. The clever design lets you use the knife from either side of the door. If the door opens inward, you shove the thin, flexible “blade” knife in back of the molding stop and push or slide the blade to retract the latch. For doors that open towards you, the knife is slipped in from above or below the latch point and jiggled and pulled to hook and retract the latch. A two-piece protective sleeve covers the “blade” when the tool is not in use. Used extensively in fire towers to slip spring latch locks.

And More…
Whether you find yourself opening mail with the Seat Belt Cutter or cleaning mud out of your boots with the Shove Knife, this inexpensive little tool kit just always seems useful—even when lives aren’t at stake. It’s a great little gift—for yourself or any firefighter or EMT on your list.

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews

Tough and Compact


The best tool for access before extrication can get there, light weight, strong, and easy to use use you cannot go wrong! Great price as well defiantly the best bang for your buck!

perfect and versatile tool for EMS


Perfect for MVA situations where speed and quick accessibility is key to victims well being.

Just buy the shove knife


Well outside of the shove knife I found the rest pretty useless. I keep the trunk key with me only because we have a lot of stolen vehicle fires but it will only work if the lock it out. Seatbelt cutter probably works I keep that in my personal vehicle because I already have a rescue blade with a punch which cuts anything. Save your money and just buy the shove knife or 3 of them for the cost of this set. JMHO

Include all parts


Not sure if this is even the websites fault however I got this for christmas and just used it for the first time this weekend and I couldn't figure out why the window punch wasn't working so I took it apart and I was missing one of the springs. That made it completely useless. I've replaced hte spring and it works ok now but thats ridiculus.


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