Fire Hooks Unlimited Aluminum Wedge



Introducing the Fire Hooks Unlimited Forcible Entry Wedge

A high-grade 6061-T6 aluminum wedge designed for emergency responders and firefighters. This durable wedge is lightweight and robust, making it the perfect aid for forcible entry operations.


  • Crafted with precision
  • Weighing just 7 ounces
  • Strategically placed hole to fit a halligan spike
  • 11-inch bungee cord attachment for a secure grip

The Fire Hooks Unlimited aluminum wedge ensures unparalleled strength and reliability, providing a powerful combination for tackling tough barriers during critical situations.


The Fire Hooks Unlimited aluminum wedge is suitable for:

  • Emergency rescue scenarios
  • Tactical operations
  • Firefighting tasks

Its rugged construction empowers you to navigate challenging situations with ease, ensuring successful outcomes.

Experience Superior Performance

Trusted by professionals worldwide, the Fire Hooks Unlimited 6061-T6 aluminum wedge is the ultimate tool for forcible entry. Upgrade your toolkit today and equip yourself with this essential tool.

Don't settle for less—choose the wedge that withstands the test of time and the rigors of your most demanding missions.

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Better than a wood chock


Fantastic forcible entry aid, especially for single firefighter technique. Only issue I could foresee is the deforming of the aluminum after repeated uses. Does hold up to the uses on the forcible entry prop so far, and I'm sure a wire wheel could fix the burs should they become an issue. Similar to the 8 wedge but for $10 cheaper. Bungee works for the securing to halligan by itself or married to an axe, or pig like I have. Worth it, plan on getting another to attach to my helmet or truck belt.