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Fire-Dex Traditional Helmet Deluxe

$400.39 - $433.59
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Traditional Helmet Deluxe

Features a fiberglass compression-molded shell with superior flame and heat resistance, thermal impact cap, ratchet adjustment, and an adjustable headband to fit all SCBA’s.

UL Certified to meet or exceed NFPA 1971, current edition.

Deluxe Features:
  • Removable/replaceable, 2-Layer Black earlap with NOMEX® and FR Cotton
  • 3M triple trim trapezoid
  • Leather sweatband and nape
  • Eye Protection options:
    • 4" Visor
    • Goggles
    • Goggles & Bourkes
Helmet Shell:
  • Flared, rear-brim design with a length of 15 5/8”, a width of 12 ¼” , and a height of 7”
  • Traditional style with four (4) primary and four (4) secondary ribs bisecting the dome
  • Composite fiberglass with a thermoset resin
  • Color: Black
  • Color pigment is added to the resin
  • Matte finish
  • Aluminum reinforced elastomeric edge beading that is secured at the brim rear with a stainless steel clip and D-ring fastened by a stainless steel rivet
  • Stamped, embossed, brass eagle front attached by six (6) solid brass screws and three (3) sleeves
  • The beak of the eagle is formed to hold the top of a leather identification shield
Helmet Impact Liner System:
  • Urethane foam liner adhered to a high heat resistant inner shell
  • Hook and loop material attached to secure the impact liner system to the helmet shell
  • Hold down clips mounted to the helmet shell extend over the impact liner
Helmet Suspension System:
  • Three (3) ¾” nylon web straps extending to six (6) locations around the impact liner
  • Attached to a gasket that is located in the lip of the impact liner
  • Adjustable for helmet height with a six (6) point tie system
Helmet Headband:
  • Quick adjustment sizing capability by means of a ratchet adjustment system attached to a heat resistant nylon headband
  • Attached to the impact liner system by four (4) nylon screws
  • Height adjuster located at the rear of the headband inside the impact liner that allows at least 1” of travel by means of two (2) height adjustment keys for proper fit
Helmet Chinstrap:
  • Two (2) pieces of ¾” black Nomex webbing with a one hand quick release thermoplastic buckle and postman slide
  • Fully extended the maximum length shall be at least 24” when measured from one attachment point to the opposite attachment point
Helmet Ear/Neck Cover:
  • Two layers of either a 100% Nomex or a 60% Kevlar / 40% Nomex outer shell backed with FR cotton
  •  Attached to the impact liner with a 3/4” strip of hook and loop material allowing for removal/replacement.
Helmet Retroreflective Trim:
  • Eight (8) 3M Triple Trim Trapezoids fluorescent lime-yellow
  • Glass bead based to maximize heat resistance
Eye Protection:
  • Faceshield:
    • Hard-coated PPC material designed to fit the contour of the helmet shell brim
    • Mounted to the helmet shell brim by a glass-reinforced, flame resistant, nylon handwheel on a threaded stud
    • Certified to meet the optic requirements of ANSI Z87.1 Standard for Eye and Face Protection
    • Meets NFPA 1971 requirements for heat resistance and impact performance
  • Goggle: 
    • Full perimeter ventilation and filtration system made from high heat resistant materials
    • Anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings
    • Provides 100% UVA/UVB protection and optical clarity and meets ANSI Z87.1 for impact resistance
    • One piece quick release strap system is made of 26mm wide high memory woven Nomex

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"Is Fire Dex compatible with Cairns and will a Cairns Leather Helmet shield fit the Fire Dex Helmet/"

Hi Pam, short is yes, Fire Dex 1910 is compatible, but you could find a difference in the mounting holes for the front, it's possible they might be wider apart than your mounting holes on the 1910.

"hello, I need a shield for this helmet, can the fire store do that for me? Is there a compatible shield"

Hi Michael, At this time we do not make shields that are custom made for Fire-Dex helmets.


Use the 6"" front, some call that a 6.25"" but I always go by the 6"", You may want to check to see how wide your front might be, there's a FDNY front they call a WIDE BODY, style, just something to think about, see the answer on another question below