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EMI Flashback Five LED Flare Baton Kit with Carry Case and Base Mounts

$123.99 - $285.99


Safer than standard flares - the Flashback Five™ LED Kit is lightweight, compact and portable and ideal for all emergency scenes.

The Flashback Five™ baton doesn’t emit fire, toxic chemicals or fumes like a standard flare, is water resistant and can be used safely in hazardous areas. Each Flashback Five™ baton comes with its own 8” weighted rubber disc to keep it securely on the ground. A strong magnet insert in the disc holds the Flashback Five™ firmly in place. The padded Cordura case keeps the LED batons and discs protected and organized. With a blue, red and blue red combination or a red, amber and red amber combination, the Flashback Five™ LED baton kit is applicable for all EMS, fire and police emergencies as well as traffic control. The Flashback Five™ LED baton measures 13.5” in height. The case has reflective trim and measures 15”L x 2”W x 11”H.
Choose 2, 4 or 5 pack flare kits.
  • Each flare-baton has 20 LEDs and multiple color & flash combinations
  • Can be seen up to 1 mile in all directions
  • Ensures visibility day or night, in any weather
  • Magnetic tail cap base mounts on vehicles
  • Ideal for police, EMS, fire, 1st responders or civilian emergency use
  • Includes durable Cordura case, LED flare batons, and rubber base disc
  • Each baton has 5 lighting modes: red/blue or red/amber, red/blue or red/amber alternating, red/blue or red/amber blend and white flashlight
  • Operates up to 72 hours on 4 AA batteries.

The Flashback Five™ baton ensures visibility up to a mile in any direction; day or night; in rain, fog or snow. Flashlight mode provides a focused beam of white light from the end of the baton, bright enough for navigation, reading, or locating objects in the dark. The weather resistant body is made of high-impact ABS plastic with a non-slip textured grip, rubber-covered switch, built-in belt clip, and a wrist strap. The EMI Flashback Five™ is ideal for police, fire, EMS, and other 1st responders; or it’s an excellent emergency warning and safety light for civilian use.

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"What kind of batteries does each one use, and how many batteries?"

Jim, they use AA batteries,4 each

"how much do the weighted bases weigh."

Contacted EMI the bases are 1.5lbs. they have been wind tested and will not blow over. they also drove past them in a semi truck at 80mph with the same results.