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EMI CPR Lifeshield Plus

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Essential Equipment for all 1st Responders.

Simple, effective protection for CPR emergencies. The innovative EMI CPR Lifeshield™ prevents direct mouth to mouth contact without hampering proper administration of CPR. The lightweight 6-3/4” x 6-3/4” face-conforming mask features a one-way valve and filter that eliminates blowback and potential transfer of body fluids from the victim to the rescuer. The translucent vinyl allows visual monitoring of the patient during the procedure. Each CPR Lifeshield™ is packaged in a polybag with CPR instructions. It is small enough to easily fit in your pocket, holster or trauma kit. And because it is also compatible with CPR mannequins and models, the CPR Lifeshield is also deal for use during CPR classes and training sessions.
  • Effectively prevents mouth to mouth contact
  • One-way valve and filter eliminates blowback
  • Prevents transfer of body fluids to the rescuer
  • Small enough to fit in a pocket, holster, or trauma kit
  • Compatible with CPR mannequins and models

The CPR Lifeshield Plus is a complete compact kit that includes gloves, an antimicrobial hand wipe and a thin, compact nylon holster with a versatile quick-release VELCRO® brand belt loop fastening system. It can also be easily attached to belts, suspenders, equipment bag straps, and MOLLE loops…or just dropped in a pocket.

Choose CPR Lifeshield Plus with gloves wipe and holster, or  BASIC - CPR Lifeshield alone.

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"What is the recommended filling pressure?"

I have been in this business of fire fighting for 40 plus years, and I've never worried abour what pressure was needed to recharge a PW. We always relied on the gauge on the PW, we would watch it and when it was in the green area of the gauge we were good to go. There were times we went over the green, we then released the air like you would if your letting the air out of a tire. We have done this on the fire ground by using the air off the engine we were riding, if we had to get the PW back in service, before we returned. I should have noted first THAT WE ALWAYS CHECKED THE GAUGE FIRST TO MAKE SURE IT WAS OPERATING CORRECTLY. Hope I have answered your question.

"What is the recommended filling pressure?"

Approximately 100 psi give or take a few pounds. As long as the gauge is working, and you don't put too much water in, you should not have trouble filling these. Even small residential air compressors should be able to do this task. There is a standard schrader valve (like a car tire valve) on the back of the handle/valve assembly that you use to add air to these after putting the water in. 2 Gallons of water, and the other half gallon of space for compressed air. Works great as both an extinguisher and a decent ranged water gun, if that's your flavor!

"What determines the actual price of this device in the given range?"

The manufacturer determines the price.