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Curaplex Multifunction Defibrillator Pads, Physio Control Connector

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Curaplex® Select Leads Out Defibrillator Pads

Radiotransparent and radiotranslucent "one-pad system" enables Curaplex® defib pads to remain with the patient as they move through various care environments.

  • Physio Control Connector
  • 60-inch lead wire offers you more room to work with
  • Curaplex® pads are designed to take up less room on a patient’s body while leaving the conductor plate the standard size
  • Easier to ensure the optimal one-inch separation from the grounding pad, mapping pad, EKG electrodes and corresponding defibrillation pad
  • Polymer adhesive gels provide excellent contact, while offering uniform current distribution for effective defibrillation and pacing
  • Curaplex® defib pads are latex-free
  • Easy to read instructions, cautions and warnings located on packaging exterior
  • Packaging is color-coded. For example, if your hospital utilizes ZOLL packaging, it will always come with a yellow expiration label
  • Peel pouch and tear notch packaging means you have more ways to get to the pads if you’re wearing gloves
  • An easy to follow instruction checklist is directly on release liners
  • Unlike transparent release liners, these liners show up on the floor, so you won’t slip
  • All Curaplex® pads have 510K for Physio Control, Zoll, Philips and HP
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Adult/Child > 10kg (22 lbs)

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