Conterra Heavy Duty Hydration System, 2 Liter



Conterra is a proponent and are users of Hydration bladders for years.

Historically, most systems had problems. Either they leaked like sives, tasted like licking a car tire, or were so difficult to use it was like sucking a golf ball through a garden hose. All that has changed with the Conterra Hydration system.

Conterra has used these on a multitude of rescues, climbing trips in Europe as well as high altitude expeditions in South America, and they have worked flawlessly. Conterra safely says that this is the best hydration system out there.

The C.H.S. (Conterra Hydration System) consists of a two liter water bladder, a 36” tube, and a patented bite valve with a positive on off valve. Simply pull open the end of the tube and take a drink whenever you want, not just when it’s convenient. The filling handle and wide mouth makes reloading or cleaning your hydrator a snap.

Rescuers and athletes have found that their performance greatly improves when they stay hydrated. In fact one study shows that 4% dehydration equates to a 25% reduction in physical performance. This system has made water bottles virtually obsolete.

Dimensions: 6”x18”

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