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Combined Tactical Systems MK-9 Inert Fog, 12.5 oz



Combined Tactical Systems MK-9 Inert Fog, 12.5 oz

  • Propellant: 1234ze
  • Formulation Weight: 13 oz | 369 gms
  • Effective Range: Up to 15’ | 4.5 M
  • ECD Safe*: Yes
  • Warranty: 5 Years

* ECD Safe is an abbreviation for “Electronic Control Device Safe.” It refers to the aerosol defense model being safe to use with devices like a Taser during the foreseeable circumstances of a law enforcement or corrections encounter.

Effectiveness is dependent upon environmental factors, especially wind. Operators should ensure that the wind or even a breeze is at their back prior to deployment.


WARNING: CSI manufactures a variety of CTS less lethal products which are under pressure, pyrotechnic, incendiary, emit projectiles, generate smoke, or are explosive in nature. When used in accordance with CTS training guidelines and the individual agency's policy, they are intended to cause varying degrees of pain and injury, which are temporary. These products are restricted to law enforcement, corrections, and military personnel and are used to gain compliance, disperse crowds, restore order, or temporarily incapacitate dangerous persons. In rare circumstances, if used incorrectly, CTS less-lethal products may cause damage to property, serious bodily injury, or death. Therefore, any person using the force option depicted on this page should receive proper training to ensure the safest and most effective use.

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