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Cairns 664 Invader Helmet, Black

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One of the lightest helmets in the Cairn's line the 664 offers colorized Duraglas contruction.

For solid protection and comfort, the cost-efficient Cairns Invader 664 Composite Fire Helmet offers durability in the lightest structural fire helmet in the Cairns line. The through-color DuraGlas® thermoplastic shell provides well-balanced construction for all-day comfort, while the exclusive shell-release system improves convenience.

The front headband (6 3/8" to 8 3/8") adjusts for proper SCBA mask fit and, along with the rear ratchet height adjustment, fits a wide variety of head sizes. The helmet provides full-brim protection and an ultra-high temperature (TPR) edge trim that won't melt or drip.

Available with the popular retractable Defender Visor primary eye protection option, which stays clean inside the helmet until needed during search-and-recovery. Sleek construction allows fast, easy raising and lowering of the visor even with gloved hands.

The 664 Invader is the latest helmet offering from the leader in firefighter head protection. It is a Modern style helmet, similar to the popular Metro 660C. It shares the same components as the 660C Metro except the shell is different. The 664 shell is made of through colored Duraglas while the 660 shell is made of the same Duraglas and is painted.


MSA's exclusive Defender Visor— Never lose or misplace your eye protection again. There’s no other NFPA compliant helmet eyewear as compact or as convenient. The MSA Defender Visor actually retracts into the helmet’s shell where it stays clean and instantly ready to deploy. Cairns’ unique design allows the visor to be raised and lowered in an instant, even with gloved hands. And don't be concerned about it slipping; the Defender stays securely stowed until YOU pull it down.

It’s optically correct lens eliminates peripheral distortion. Its sleek, close-fitting profile leaves nothing sticking out or hanging off the helmet to get caught on something in zero-visibility conditions or throw the helmet off balance. And maintenance is simple. The visor can be quickly disconnected from the helmet without tools, allowing fast lens changes, even during field use. Prepare for maximum efficiency.

A sleek, low-profile, NFPA-compliant goggle designed to fit comfortably over most prescription glasses. The high-temperature frame allows fast lens replacement. Patented Speed Clips make strap adjustments easy, even with gloves on. The snap-on/snap-off mounting system consists of simple low-profile posts on the sides of the helmet.

Goggles can be used alone or with a faceshield. They can be stored on the front or back of the helmet, or quickly removed, as desired.

 4”  Tuffshield® Visor. Although it costs you no more than the clear and smoke visor options, we at TheFireStore.com believe the Tuffshield visor offers distinct advantages. We supply it as the standard equipment visor on all Cairns Traditional and Deluxe Configuration helmets for some very good reasons:  Tuffshield is significantly more heat resistant. The Tuffshield Defender visor is heat-resistant up to 500° F. Other visor materials will start to melt at about 345° Tuffshield is a heavier grade material with more impact resistance.

As the name implies, it’s just tougher.  The slight yellowish tint helps you see better, day or night. Like a pair of amber shooting glasses, they filter out harsh wavelengths and glare, improving contrast and revealing more detail under all lighting conditions—including looking at flames.  4” amber Tuffshield visor is compliant with NFPA 1971, 2007 edition. All visors meet ANSI Z87.1+ impact requirements.

  • Ultra tough, Duraglas composite material. Performs extremely well in a fire helmet design.
  • Through color material. If the shell is scratched it will still show the original color. Only colors available are red, yellow, black and white.
  • Use of non-painted shell. Provides rugged performance with a style some firefighters prefer.

Impact Cap

  • Water-based foam material. Will not burn or char unlike older foam versions.
  • Tube-lock system is incorporated in the cap. This is part of the shock absorbing system to create a more protective fire helmet.
  • Ease of Adjustment. Easy to adjust front adjustment tab. Simple three hold pin-lock adjustment tabs in the rear.


  • Matte finish on the shell. Provides firefighters with the look they want with all of the features of the 660C.
  • Low ride helmet design. Gives the wearer a better balanced helmet. The helmet has a lower center of gravity than the competition.
  • All other 660C helmet accessories can be used on the 664. This creates a lower switching cost for a customer if they can use their current modern helmet parts.
  • The 664 has full NFPA 1971-2013 approval. This helmet not only meets the standard but is designed and tested to go beyond it.


  • NFPA-1971-2018 Compliant
  • Duraglas thermoplastic composite material resists cracking and chipping
  • Flame-resistant earlap and Nomex chin strap increase protection
  • Exclusive SCBA interface front headband adjustment matches the fit of any SCBA mask
  • Three-position rear ratchet height adjustment ensures secure fit for all head sizes between 6 3/8" and 8 3/8"
  • High-temperature foam-impact cap and liner offer higher protection against impact
CFR style helmets feature:
  • 6" gold coated faceshield
  • Standard flannel headband liner
  • CFR aluminized bonnet with PBI/Kevlar shroud and Nomex earlaps
  • Nomex with quick release and postman's slide

4" Leather Fronts are sold separately.


Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews

Excellent. Light and low profile


The helmet is extremely light and i love there retracting face goggles. The goggles fit closely to eyes for maximum protection.

visor no good


first fire i went to with this helmet the visor sucks came out with no visor after i was done

Good and Lightweight Helmet


Had this helmet issued as part of my department turnout gear. It sits a little high with SCBA on, but once I was able to get the inner liner aligned properly, it fit very well. It should be noted that the inner securing system is velcroed to the shell and can get tweaked if yon aren't careful in removing or carrying the helmet. Mine initially put a severe pressure point on the right side of my forehead when the helmet looked properly aligned on my head, but by detaching and re-aligning the inner suspension, I was able to get a comfortable and secure fit. The helmet itself is light and easy to keep on with SCBA and in confined spaces. It doesn't provide quite as much neck coverage as a traditional style helmet, but Nomex fills in the gap well. The retractable inner visor is a fantastic addition; it's great for use during extrication or other operations that require eye protection but no air pack. It provides much better eye protection than a face shield without having to deal with external goggles and is easy to take out and replace. Overall, a good helmet and one that I'd recommend.